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A better way to immerse yourself in the character of villa in Italy,Tuscany The iconic image of Italy villas and Tuscany villa take a different form in everyone’s mind. Find the Italian holiday of your dream villas in italy, tuscany villa with very special collection of holiday accommodation in Italy.


Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, Capri, Cilento National Park: we love these places! This is where we live, where we spend our own vacations and where we want you to come. Let us show you the beauty of our land and the friendliness of our people. Let us make you feel Italian, at least a little bit.


And if you are looking for a different Italian destination, we have now made available a selection of italy villas and apartments in Tuscany, Umbria, Rome, Venice and Lake Como that have been recommended to us by friends and by past guests themselves.


Tuscany :

Famous for its Chianti wines, its magnificent historic towns, such as Florence, Siena, Arezzo, San Gimignano, Cortona, Lucca and Volterra, and its peaceful nature, tuscany villas reveals its very soul with placid hills, wide pastures and neatly harvested vineyards and offers travelers a continuous sequence of stimulating highlights.


Amalfi Coast :

This spectacular coastline, which embraces the charming towns of Positano, Praiano, Amalfi and Ravello, invites you to imagine yourself back in the sunny carefree days of the sixties – for here the beauty and romance of those times have not changed.


Sorrento Coast :

Sorrento is one of the best known resorts in villas italy , situated on a tract of coastline of unrivalled beauty, on the northern slope of the Sorrentine Peninsula, in a sheltered spot, surrounded by luxuriant hills where vines, olives and above all high quality citrus fruits are grown. The site of patrician villas during Roman times, it has been a highly prestigious retreat since 700.

Jyoti is a writer for villas in Italy Tuscany villas Italy vacation rentals

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Tuscany Cooking Villas

Tuscany is the most popular region in Central Italy due to its food, wine, culture, and people. A visit to Tuscany’s magical landscape, complete with rolling hills and sprawling valleys, yields amazing memories which last a lifetime. The region is popular with tourists because it offers them not only a fun getaway, but also great opportunities to learn Italian cooking and wine pairing and appreciation.

Tuscany cooking villa accommodations are very popular with tourists, as villas give them an authentic Tuscan experience. Tuscany villa accommodations have in-house kitchens where the guests will learn cooking from expert chefs who have years of cooking experience. A stay in our Tuscany wine villas is a great experience as the guests learn more about popular Tuscan wines and enjoy them at numerous wine tastings. The villa accommodations in Tuscany are the best choice for travelers who want to make the most of their Tuscany holiday.

Finding the right Tuscany cooking villa which meets your expectations can be a challenge. For the average consumer it is quite difficult to locate the perfect villa with the amenities you want at an affordable price. Choosing the right villa to suit your individual needs can be difficult and time-consuming.

This is why some offers only high quality properties in Italy all in extraordinary luxury estates; from large group villas to small intimate cottages all of our properties are personally chosen by us. We carefully consider the needs of each guest and suggest an appropriate location. Some provides an excellent service to travelers looking for that perfect food or wine vacation in Tuscany.

The firm also employs guides who, as Tuscan natives, have a deep understanding of Italian art and history, the ancient architecture, and the wonderful sights which add to the appeal of the Tuscany cooking villas. All the villa accommodations in Tuscany offered by the company are spacious and equipped with all the facilities needed for a comfortable stay. Our collaboration with Tuscan Way, the top provider for Tuscan food and wine tours, enables us to offer luxury villas at affordable prices. online hotel booking

Raj Aryan is a content writer presently working with make my trip company find india trip details with india travel packages

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Tuscany: Vistas, Churches, Museums, Art, Villas & Gardens

Tuscany: Vistas, Churches, Museums, Art, Villas & Gardens

Preeminent Florentine photographer Massimo Listri uncovers the great public as well as private Tuscan treasures in this unprecedented, oversize, and deluxe volume. Celebrating Tuscany’s renowned art and architecture, elegance, and charm, this unique volume unveils the finest Tuscan gems, both the famous as well as the hidden. Photographer Massimo Listri’s unique access affords this resplendent publication of Tuscany’s great treasures, including the architecture, art, and artistry of its fr

List Price: $ 125.00


Tuscany By Aramis For Men. Set-edt Spray 3.4 OZ & Aftershave Balm 3.4 OZ

  • Packaging for this product may vary from that shown in the image above
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

Launched by the design house of Aramis in 1985, TUSCANY is a men’s fragrance that possesses a blend of the Mediterranean scents of citrus, tarragon, cinnammon and fragrant woods. It is recommended for daytime wear.

List Price: $ 62.00


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Explore the Land of Tuscany This Christmas Vacation at Holiday Villas

Tuscany is the most popular holiday destination in Italy this Christmas. You have various types of accommodations to choose from such as farmhouses, vacation villas, hotels, apartments for your stay in Tuscany. Holiday villas are mostly in demand but other accommodations are also preferred. Tuscany is a beautiful place to visit for a pleasant experience. The great sea, enticing mountains and beautiful scenery wherever you go always welcomes you in their warmth.

Life is full of zeal in Tuscany. People here are always enthusiastic and celebrate festivals and have admiring culture. ‘The Grey Car Festival’ is the most popular festival of this place. Tourists from all over the world come here especially for this festival. Hiking is also another attraction of this place for tourists. Nature lovers can also explore the beauty of nature here as it provides the splendid picturesque.

Tuscany with its natural beauty is also a place for romance and fairy tales. Many romantic and dramatic films have been shot due to its site locations as they provide perfect cinema location for shooting. Tuscany villas rental and holiday farmhouses are also used in these cinemas as they provide ideal background. This place is gift of nature where you find all sorts of locations such as beaches, valleys, hills, mountains, sea, etc. to rejuvenate life.

Tuscany has the best beaches in the world that offers beautiful panoramas and crystal clear water. Tuscany is a great place to visit any time of the year. Number of tourists increase during the peak seasons. Tuscany villas are very much popular among the tourists here. This enchanting holiday villa provides best accommodations along with privacy and beautiful natural sceneries to enjoy.

Tuscany is place to enjoy food also. You get everything from pastas, sandwiches, world famous pizzas to Tuscany specials. You get wide range of food items to choose from and sooth your taste buds. Enjoy the foods of Tuscany with salads, pastas, pizza and wine to enhance your mood. You would also like to visit some restaurants that have unique traditional Tuscan style. So, what are you waiting for when so many attractions of Tuscany are calling you to enjoy this Christmas holidays? Have a great vacation this Christmas while staying at Tuscan vacation villas to enjoy with your family.

Italy is the perfect destination and villa rental in Tuscany is the best accommodation solution for a vacation that would appeal to the whole family, round the year. Tourist Visit Italy for luxury accommodation and delicious cuisine. I have Visited Italy in Last Summer.

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Enjoy Comfort And Convenience With Holiday Villas In Tuscany

If you are planning to travel to Tuscany, Italy, on holiday then you will have a very pleasant vacation experience ahead of you. This is a popular destination in Europe with plenty in terms of natural beauty as well as attractions and entertainment, and the ideal way to make the most of your time in Tuscany is by opting for one of the holiday villas in Tuscany, which are available in the various parts of the region. Tuscany vacation rentals are a popular choice amongst those visiting this area, as they offer affordable luxury that is ideal for a family vacation. Tuscany villas rental costs can vary depending on the type of villa you opt for, and there is plenty of choice when it comes to finding your holiday home in Tuscany. You can get your Tuscany villa in one of many areas in the region, so you can enjoy being conveniently located close to the areas you want to enjoy. With a luxury villa in Tuscany you can relax in style and comfort, with the ideal base from which to explore the area and enjoy all the beauty, attractions, and entertainment that is on offer.

Holiday villas in Tuscany offer a range of facilities and amenities

When you opt for one of the holiday villas in Tuscany you will find a range of amenities and facilities on offer, which can vary depending on your budget. This can include everything from a private swimming pool to staff services, so you can enjoy the ultimate in luxury with some of these villas. A vacation in Tuscany is one that you will be thrilled with thanks to the beauty, history, and culture that can be found in this area, and being able to relax in your own villa will make your time here even more special and memorable. You will enjoy the benefits of plenty of space with your own villa, so you and your loved ones can relax without having to put up with other visitors and tourists as you would in a hotel. Having your villa in Tuscany also means that you can enjoy complete privacy yet enjoy being close to all the areas of interest.

Choose a holiday home in a range of areas in Tuscany

There are many beautiful and fascinating areas in Tuscany, some of which include Siena, Pisa, and Florence, as well as the Chianti wine region, Maremma, and others. You can enjoy a choice of villas in and around these areas, putting you within easy reach of the attractions and sites and enabling you to enjoy affordable luxury in convenient and beautiful surroundings.

You will be surprised at just how affordable a villa in Tuscany can be, even with the more luxurious villas. This is particularly true if you are travelling as part of a larger group or family as it means you won’t have to pay for separate rooms and can enjoy plenty of space and luxury for everyone.

Jack Blacksmith pens first and foremost for , a web page covering information on Italy . His contributions on holiday villas in Tuscany are found on his site .

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Holidays In Tuscany Villas Is All About Finding That Perfect Package

What’s so special about spending holidays in Tuscany villas? There are many, many reasons we can tell you. Tuscany is a region of outstanding beauty, both in its natural and man-made structures. It is an enchanting place with the Tuscan people quite welcoming. The ambience alone of the region is enough to entice you to stay–at least longer than just a weekend.

It is also a treasure chest of historical finds and cultural resources. Spending a vacation in a Tuscany villa can be further enhanced by the fact that this region is known for its excellent local cuisine and equally exceptional wines. And what better way to take in all that Tuscany has to offer than to spend a comfortable time in one of the many villas in the region. Villas in Tuscany go from grand to fantastic. Some of them can even house very large parties for events like weddings and / or business congresses.

Your holiday in Tuscany villas can afford you all the luxury and convenience you can possibly dream of. This is far better than spending a few measly days in hotel that give does not give you that privacy and quiet time you might desire. Many tour and vacation packages offer a unique collection of self-catering holiday homes for you to use. Some of the more elaborate villas in Tuscany have swimming pools at your disposal. Others are more rustic and embedded deep into mountainous landscapes for those that seek quiet retreats. Others are situated into working vineyards or olive groves.

If you are thinking of spending your holidays in Tuscany, there are many that can be found in prime locations, in quality properties and with additional amenities like welcome gift packs upon your arrival and a first class service from a full luxury home staff. Perhaps, the first thing that you should do is scour the Internet as to where you want to spend your vacation in, how long you would like to stay and at what price range you are willing to pay for. Early reservations can actually help you earn discount in vacation packages.

If you are also thinking of a more active holiday in one of Tuscany’s villas, you may want to consult the different vacation offers (and even the villa owners or renters themselves) as to what activity they may offer while you are staying there. Some offer cooking courses, wine tasting trips, historical walking tours, religious walking tours, or adventure seeking. Holidays in Tuscany villas is synonymous with luxury, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t seek a bit of fun while you are relaxing. Check the calendar also for what possible holidays you can attend during your stay.

Tuscany holidays can be a blast, and certainly, everyone is invited to join. Unfortunately, during these holidays, the influx of tourists surge to incredible numbers, and without proper reservation, you just might find yourself out on the street, waiting in line among those seeking lodging in hotels and small apartments for rent. Your holiday in a Tuscan villa can also be penny-wise, especially if you book your stay during the off-peak tourist season. Frequent visitors also get discounts. Everything just seems special when you spend holidays in Tuscany villas.

When Katia Lorenzen stayed at a holiday in tuscany villas, she thought she was in heaven. Now she tells friends about this great resource to plan holiday in Tuscany villas:

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Exclusive Winery Estate with Holiday Villas in Tuscany – Perfect for Weddings in Tuscany

Enjoy the authentic Tuscan atmosphere for your Wedding and Holiday in Tuscany at the Former Monastery and estate of BADIA DI MORRONA.

Your Italian Wedding among Vineyards and Olive groves where the Chianti region begins and just 15 minutes from Pisa airport !

Badia di Morrona a is located 25 km south of Pisa. It is an ancient Monastery  with typical bell tower and annexed church (Church of St. Mary) , dating back to the late 11th century, with a lovely courtyard that belonged both to the Benedictine and the Camaldolese monks order. The former Monatery’s estate has a surface of 650 hectares, out of which 100 of vineyards and 40 of olive groves. The various villas, cottages and country houses have been carefully restored and turned into excellent and comfortable apartments and rooms spread all over the property. Badia di Morrona hosts weddings receptions in the former monastery (courtyard, gardens or inside their magnificent halls and ancient wine cellars called “barricaia” )  or at the country Villa “La Selvicciola” surrounded by vineyards (indoor or outdoor wedding receptions under marquees).

The estate represents the perfect marriage between tradition and modern technology in the production of its wines and extra virgin olive oil. The current owners have recently completed building a new winery. Not only Chianti DOCG vines are grown but also Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Shiraz, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, Grappa and Vin Santo (a local sweet wine). Smaller bottles of wine and extra virgin olive oil are offered also to make unique wedding favors. You can purchase wine in the modern cellar and your bottles can be shipped anywherefrom their premises.

All Tuscany’s major towns, such as Pisa, Florence, Lucca, Siena, Certaldo, Lari, Vinci,  San Gimignano and Volterra, as well as Pisa and Florence airports, are very easy to reach by car. Besides, you can enjoy the benefits of the Spa treatments of the famous resort in Casciana Terme, just 10 kms from the property and the golf courses of Castelfalfi and Tirrenia.

Wedding Ceremonies at Badia di Morrona:

Catholic Weddings take place  in the Church of the Monastery (legally binding or if you are already leagally married, you may have a Catholic Blessing Ceremony in the church). The Church has been built in 980 is decorated with precious frescoes and has been finely restored. It can host up to 120 people seated and 80 standing.Protestant, Jewish and Symbolic Weddings on the former monastery’s grounds. Civil ceremonies in the beautiful Wedding Halls of the nearby towns of Volterra and Lari (civil wedding ceremonies take place in a beautiful Castle in the medieval town of Lari) which are  just 15 minutes from Badia di Morrona.

Wedding receptions at Badia di Morrona:


Can host up to 150 people indoors in the wonderful and spacious hall on the ground floor  of the monastery or outdoors, (courtyard or gardens or by the monatstery’s  swimming pool). The former Monastery is catered by the best catering companies in Tuscany.


Can host up to 120 people indoors in the beautiful and spacious hall on the ground floor  of the Villa with lovely views over the gardens and vineyards or outdoors (gardens of the Villa  or by the Villa’s swimming pool). Wedding receptions at Villa Selvicciola are prepared by expert Chefs and waiters in the Villa’s fully equipped kitchen.

Best months for weddings at Badia di Morrona during the year are : May, June, July, August, September and October

Services available for Weddings at Badia di Morrona :

Civil and Religious paperwork
Catering or in house express cooking for wedding receptions
Classic music : Duos, Trios or Quartets
Tenors and Sopranos
DJs and Live Music Bands
Photographer and Videographer
Hair and Make-Up Artist
Airport Transfers
Guest Activities

Accommodation arrangements at Badia di Morrona:

Villa SANT ANGIOLA – SLEEPS 12 – 14 people

Angiola is a two-storey independent Villa located near  to the abbey. It is a light place fully furnished with historical fittings and antique furniture. Sant’Angiola is a two-storey landhouse located very near to an early-medieval abbey. The roomy and light interiors are fully furnished with historical fittings. Its large living room with fireplace is the ideal setting for your couch chatting and the rural style kitchen is equipped with any appliance or tool you may need! Outside the guests can enjoy a large garden with stone oven and a private swimming pool with outdoor equipment. The villa has got three double bedrooms, three twin bedrooms, each with private bathroom, and two further restrooms. The whole villa can easily host 12 up to 14 guests. Villa Sant’Angiola is ideal for a large family or a group of people that can have maximum relax in the exclusive swimming pool and enjoy cooking in the original traditional pizza and bread wood fire oven and barbecue outside in the garden

Villa VIVAYA – Independent House – 4+2 people
Vivaja is a two-storey independent house located in front of Villa La Selvicciola, on a gentle hill right in front of the historical hamlet of Morrona. On the ground floor a large living room with fireplace is together with a fully equipped kitchen in a large and light open space. On the first floor you will find a romantic double bedroom with tester bed asnd ensuite bathroom, a twin bedroom and a large bathroom. Outside you will enjoy the large private laurel-fenced garden with outdoor furniture. The villa is suitable for 4 to 6 people.

Villa LA SELVICCIOLA – 7 Double Bedrooms – B&B

7 double bedrooms with ensuite bathroom – on request they can be turned into twin bedrooms – are available for overnight, more day or weekly stays always with breakfast included.It is located in front of Vivaya. On the ground floor a large fully equipped hall is the perfect place for big events such as wedding ceremonies and receptions or in their gardens under their marquees. The large hall is light thanks to big windows and a typical Tuscan fireplaces gives it a special rural character. On the first floor, 7 double bedrooms with ensuite bathroom – on request they can be turned into twin bedrooms Rooms are available for overnight, more day or weekly stays, on a B& B basis and meal upon request.. All rooms are equipped with satellite TV and air conditioning. Outside is a panoramic swimming pool with outdoor equipment and furniture.

Villa LA FORNACE – 2 apartments – sleeps 4 or 6 people

Fornace is a two-storey Villa with swimming pool surrounded by oaks and pine trees, at the beginning of a long line of cypresses leading to the ancient Monastery, at the side the private swimming pool.On the ground floor is a large hall with a huge fireplace. And on the second florr there are two apartments :

1) Vigna Alta apartment is suitable for 6 people. It has a living room with kitchen, one double bedroom and one twin bedroom, both with ensuite bathroom, a second twin bedroom and a large bathroom.
2) Taneto apartment is for 4 people and is made of a living room with kitchen, one double bedroom with ensuite bathroom, a twin bedroom and a large bathroom.
The apartments can be booked weekly, from Saturday to Saturday. For groups of 12 people the Villa Fornace can also be rented on the whole adding another extra double bedroom and the communal rooms on the ground floor. In this case the villa has got 6 double bedrooms each with private bathroom and a roomy living room with a large dining table and fireplace.

VILLA LA SUGHERA is a complex of 5 large and comfortable apartments, obtained by the renovation of 3 old farmhouses that once belonged to the farmers of the old Monastery. The swimming pool and the playground area have a fantastic view of the ancient  Monastery and its own typical tower bell. The apartments are

N’ANTIA Apartment :     Sleeps 8
SODI Apartment :          Sleeps 6
SUVERA  Apartment :   Sleeps 6
GIULEBBE Apartment: Sleeps 4
FELICIAIA Apartment :  Sleeps 4


Included Services:
Internet Wi-Fi, Cradles, Dish Washer, Highchair, Kitchen use, Fridge use, Barbecue, Outdoor Swimming Pool, Garden, Fireplace, Firewood Oven, Farm Produce Retail, Ironing Facilities, outdoor furniture. Pets are welcome

Extra Services:
Children Bed, Extra Cleaning, Meals can be pre-booked and cooked at Villa “La Selvicciola” for all guests upon request,Wine, olive oil and local Tuscan food Tastings can be organized at their cellars or at one of the Villas upon request, Pizza Chef and Barbeque Chef  available upon request, Pizza and Tuscan Cooking Courses upon request

Daniela was born in Sydney, Australia, from Italian parents and has always had a passion for international travel.Visit Daniela’s website: or contact her at

Now living in Rome, Daniela spends her summers on historic Lake Bracciano , about 30 km Northwest of the Italian capital and in the Castelli Romani District. After several years in Italy and Australia working in the sales departments of Italian and Australian companies operating in the travel industry, during her last years in Australia Daniela also helped several friends get married in Italy, many of them in their ancestors towns in various parts of the Italy.
Daniela decided to return to Italy seven years ago and use her experience and knowledge to help couples around the world realize their dream of a destination wedding in Italy.
She enjoys her unique career as an Italian Wedding Planning Team manager ; the happiness and thankfulness of the many newlyweds she has worked for are very rewarding and fill her days with excitement and personal satisfaction.

Problem solving, organisation skills and innovation are what she thrives in. She never forgets details and only suggests what is best to her planners and couples..

Daniela loves planning and organising weddings throughout all Italy. Her favourite wedding locations are without doubt the Castelli Romani District near Rome, all Latium region, Tuscany, Umbria, Amalfi Coast and Sicily. Daniela makes friends with all her couples, helping them on their very special wedding day and personally taking care of all details

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BEAUTIFUL HILLTOP 2 Story Farmhouse APARTMENT by owner LA COLLINA is situated in the heart of Tuscany (hills, between Volterra, famous Etruscan and medieval city and San Gimignano, famous all over the world for its characteristic towers. You can easily visit Florence, Siena and Pisa, Chianti…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Villas and Hot Spring Spas in the Tuscany Region

If you are planning to visit Tuscany for your next holiday, you may well begin right now. A vacation at Tuscany with lots of holiday resorts promises to be an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. Tuscany’s hot springs and holiday resorts present a wonderful experience that cuts across cultures. These hot springs spas and holiday resorts are the choice location for vacationers from other countries in Europe and beyond.

The fun spots have a wide range of vacation activities offering excellent services at very cheap rates. These and more are what await prospective holiday makers in Tuscany. The list includes apartments, farmhouses, hotels and luxury Tuscany villas. For all the fun you wish to have, there are many hot spring spas to cater for your holiday needs. The same applies to your budget because all you need is a slim budget to make your next holiday worth remembering.

Tuscany’s hot spring spas are some of the best in the world with high quality services and a carefully planned approach to holidaying at low cost. These hot spring spas combine the features of high standards in resort management that are displayed in a fashionable manner. Tuscany has carved a niche for itself in the tourism and hospitality of Italy and Europe at large.

With Tuscany’s exotic wines and delicious cuisines, there can’t be a match for the added services provided by its numerous hot spring spas. Talking about the popular seaside hot spring spas that can be found in Tuscany, there are quite a number of them that make Tuscany one of the must-sees on all Italian tourists. It is believed that once the town is on your itinerary, you must be someone who knows the best way to relax on a low budget. There is a wealth of information on the web on all the Tuscany rental services available with pictures and descriptions of various types: farmhouses, counrty apartments and beautiful Tuscany villas. Rave reviews may also help in making informed decisions suitable for your accommodation needs.

For travelers who prefer the lowlife at the countryside or village to the hustle and bustle in the city, farm holidays are then a better option. The possibility of shared apartment housing makes it affordable for most families to have swell time throughout their Tuscany holiday. Tuscany, Italy is well known for its thermal baths. These are hot waters supplied by deep springs in the ground. Their value dates back to ancient times when they were mostly used for their healing attributes.

A variety of large and small hot springs spas have been built around Tuscany for those who wish to enjoy such services while vacationing in the city. The Tuscan region is widely respected for its thermal baths and spa pools. A few of Tuscany’s hot spring spas and hotels allow you to stay in the resort and enjoy the cool atmosphere. You can obviously stay in one of the wonderful Tuscany villas close to the baths.

These baths are composed of different minerals in the water which are widely used for healing a variety of ailments. The popular ones are mineral mud baths. Baths that are small in size are normally opened seasonally while the larger baths are open all year round. Having a bathe usually requires some amount of money in form of an admission fee. The baths have a lot of specialists who take care of their clients with their fully equipped hot spring spas. The summer break is the best time to visit the Tuscan area, especially for people who are usually on break during this time. These vacations are great for relaxation and relieving stress especially for corporate executives.

Hot springs spas can be found in many locations in Tuscany. Depending on the time available for the entire trip, one can make a stopover at any of them. However, there are some spas and springs for all those who wish to experience the best of Tuscany at an average cost. There are indoor and outdoor pools for swimming while there are those for open-air water activities. They could be waterfalls, water trails, games and water massage centers. The centers carry out treatments that range from beauty massages for spots, blemishes and cellulite reduction, to sauna and other skin and body treatment solutions.

For what to expect, there are body and facial treatments for females, bath and massage parlors, water gym, exercise equipment and more. Cheap treatment packages are available in Tuscany regardless of the type chosen. The hot springs and spas are there to add more flavor of a farm holiday in the region. For mealtime, feeding could be by self cooking or by availing oneself of the diverse restaurants scattered all around the city. Whatever you wish to enjoy in Tuscany, you can have them at the click of your mouse when you go online and make a quick search for cheap but worthwhile all-inclusive travel packages to Tuscany.

Leone Cardelli works in a travel agency and writes for, the complete resource to find Tuscany villas, farmhouses, farm holidays, country houses and other luxury accommodations in Tuscany.

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Tuscan Villas and Country Houses Exclusively Available for Rent Directly by Owner

Florence, Italy (PRWEB) July 1, 2009

Tuscany Rent Direct is proud to present a unmatchable opportunity to travelers to the Tuscany area. For those looking to rent during this opportune time for travel, Tuscany Rent Direct presents a rental opportunity unrivaled by any of our competitors on the market. We are proud to provide our customers with a direct rental process, providing an opportunity to vacation in the Tuscany area without encountering a hefty commission. Tuscany Rent Direct is proud to say it is the only web site specialist on the Tuscany region.

This is an opportune time for renters due to economic conditions of the market, as many homeowners are looking to rent out their property. Only Tuscany Rent Direct provides detailed information on each property, including Google map positioning and a property layout blueprint to display the interior setting. The Tuscany Rent Direct web site is simple, easy, user-friendly, and efficient. This opportunity presented by Tuscany Rent Direct makes it possible for more prospective renters to find the perfect, affordable villa for their dream vacation.

The brilliance of the Tuscan countryside is at its finest and the timing couldn’t be better to take advantage of such an opportunity as Tuscany Rent Direct provides. Visit our website today to see our extraordinary selection of villas, country houses, apartments, beach houses, and bed and breakfasts for rent and jump on this opportunity. Make your dreams come true this year with Tuscany Rent Direct.

About Tuscany Rent Direct

Tuscany Rent Direct is based in the heart of Tuscany, and provides a simple but effective way of connecting property owners and potential renters directly with each other, without applying high commissions to the rental cost. In this manner, we offer you a large selection of properties along with the opportunity to spend a perfect, relaxing holiday in Tuscany.

For More Information Contact:

Tuscany Rent Direct

Telephone +39 0577 1701111


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When it Comes to Holiday Villas, Tuscany Has Much to Offer Its Visitors

When it comes to beautiful holiday villas, Tuscany has plenty to offer! Not only is the Tuscany area a one-of-a-kind destination for those looking for romance and charm, the vacation rentals available in Tuscany are also simply amazing. Before you start looking through available vacation rentals, however, you might want to learn more about what Tuscany has to offer.

Visiting Tuscany Wine Country

Before you begin looking through available vacation rentals, you might want to explore the many different wine regions in Tuscany. In fact, when looking through available holiday villas, Tuscany offers many that put wine lovers in the heart of wine country. There are three primary wine areas to explore in Tuscany. These include:

Chianti Montepulciano Montalcino

There are numerous wine estates to explore in each of these regions. In the Chianti Area, for example, you may visit Poggio Casciano Estate, which features 60 hectares of vineyards. Montemasso, Santa Dame, Castello dei Rampolla and Cennatoio are also found in the Chianti area. In the Montepulciano area, you can visit Poderi Boscarelli, Villa Sant Anna and Tenuta Valdipiatta vineyards, while the Montalcino Area offers Fanti Tenuta San Filippo, San Polino and Tenuta Le Potazzine.

Shopping in Tuscany

Of course, Tuscany has more to offer than just vineyards. If you love to shop, you will be thrilled by the numerous shopping opportunities available in Tuscany. Even better, you will find that there are several vacation rentals available that are within walking distance from many of the best shopping opportunities in the area.

Tuscany is known for its small craft shops, which offer a variety of great items for sale. Some of these include:

Leather goods Crystal products Terra cotta products Lace goods

You will also find plenty of opportunities to purchase designer clothes, accessories and more in Tuscany. In fact, you will find plenty of opportunities to purchase clothing from designers such as Gucci, Prada, Fendi and Armarni. In many cases, these designer items can be purchased for half the price you would pay elsewhere.

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the shopping opportunities in Tuscany, you might want to consider taking a shopping tour. With one of these tours, you can choose to visit stores offering products that fall all within one particular category. Just remember that merchants in Tuscany love to barter, so be sure to use your bartering skills in order to get the best deals possible!

When it comes to holiday villas, Tuscany has many to select from. By carefully exploring what Tuscany has to offer, you can decide which of these vacation rentals will put you closest to the sites and attractions that interest you the most!

When it comes to holiday villas Tuscany offers many options to travelers. In order to select from the many beautiful Tuscany vacation rentals available, be certain to consider what Tuscany has to offer so you can select the location that is best for you.

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