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Planning a Cycling trip to Italy? Read this first!

Italy is one of the most frequently visited European destinations for bicycle touring.  Many cyclists fill the bicycle paths and country roads, so you will not find yourself alone.  It is suprising to hear that Italians go very gentley when passing cyclists, so don’t let there reputation for fast driving put you off.

Italy and it’s top 5 bicycle touring regions

Tuscany – For everyone that bicycle tours this region is on the must do list.  In this region there are no signed bicycle routes, but between the major towns there are many quiet and scenic roads which are well signed. As you bicycle tour through the hills covered with either bright red poppies or sunflowers, depending on the season, you can expect some major climbs.

When your cycling In the southern Tuscany, your area is between Montalcino, Montepolciano and Cortona.  When you are on your bicycle tour in central Tuscany, it will be in the area between Florence and Siena which also includes the wine region of Chianti and also San Gimignano.  In the area around Lucca, which is in the north is where the best cycling is found.
You can either join the three legions in one long journey or base yourself in a villa for daily trips. 

Umbria – is right next door to Tuscany which are often combined to make a bicycle touring journey which is longer and includes both regions. Perugia, is where cyclists should head for, which for chocolates, it’s quite well known, and also the religious centre of Assisi. Tuscany is a region of hills, like Umbria, so be ready for some very nice climbs.

Puglia – Bicycle touring is found along the rugged Adriatic coastline, and a little northeast of Umbria is Puglia.  Great Italian seafood is what you can expect to find along your way. 

Also found along the countryside are charming white walled villages, and also featured are
olive grove plantations.

Veneto – This area may be a suprise due to the excellent scenery and historic towns, and the terrain of this area is mostly flat. There are a number of bicycle paths for the cyclist, unlike some of the other regions.  Taste the famous liqueur made in In Bassano del Grappa; great wines and elegant homes are found in Asolo; Villas which are really palaces is what Stra is known for. One of the worlds oldest universities and some ancient museums is what Padua is known for.  Then there is also Venice, where you can both cycle and visit along the islands of the Lido area.

Piemonte – This northern bicycle touring region is not as well known, and it offers along quiet roads, a rolling terrain.  Medieval towns surrounded by vineyards with the Alps in the background, is what this region is most well known for.  Fine truffles, cheeses and the excellent chocolates can be enjoyed along your journey. 

From May to June or September to October, is the best time to go bicyle touring in any of these regions.  Go to the land you always dreamed about, Italy, for your next European bicycle tour.  It will be everything you ever dreamed of and more.

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Explore the Land of Tuscany This Christmas Vacation at Holiday Villas

Tuscany is the most popular holiday destination in Italy this Christmas. You have various types of accommodations to choose from such as farmhouses, vacation villas, hotels, apartments for your stay in Tuscany. Holiday villas are mostly in demand but other accommodations are also preferred. Tuscany is a beautiful place to visit for a pleasant experience. The great sea, enticing mountains and beautiful scenery wherever you go always welcomes you in their warmth.

Life is full of zeal in Tuscany. People here are always enthusiastic and celebrate festivals and have admiring culture. ‘The Grey Car Festival’ is the most popular festival of this place. Tourists from all over the world come here especially for this festival. Hiking is also another attraction of this place for tourists. Nature lovers can also explore the beauty of nature here as it provides the splendid picturesque.

Tuscany with its natural beauty is also a place for romance and fairy tales. Many romantic and dramatic films have been shot due to its site locations as they provide perfect cinema location for shooting. Tuscany villas rental and holiday farmhouses are also used in these cinemas as they provide ideal background. This place is gift of nature where you find all sorts of locations such as beaches, valleys, hills, mountains, sea, etc. to rejuvenate life.

Tuscany has the best beaches in the world that offers beautiful panoramas and crystal clear water. Tuscany is a great place to visit any time of the year. Number of tourists increase during the peak seasons. Tuscany villas are very much popular among the tourists here. This enchanting holiday villa provides best accommodations along with privacy and beautiful natural sceneries to enjoy.

Tuscany is place to enjoy food also. You get everything from pastas, sandwiches, world famous pizzas to Tuscany specials. You get wide range of food items to choose from and sooth your taste buds. Enjoy the foods of Tuscany with salads, pastas, pizza and wine to enhance your mood. You would also like to visit some restaurants that have unique traditional Tuscan style. So, what are you waiting for when so many attractions of Tuscany are calling you to enjoy this Christmas holidays? Have a great vacation this Christmas while staying at Tuscan vacation villas to enjoy with your family.

Italy is the perfect destination and villa rental in Tuscany is the best accommodation solution for a vacation that would appeal to the whole family, round the year. Tourist Visit Italy for luxury accommodation and delicious cuisine. I have Visited Italy in Last Summer.

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