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Italy Pulls Clear of the Economic Slump with Increased Tourism Revenues Says

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Italy Pulls Clear of the Economic Slump with Increased Tourism Revenues Says

London, UK (PRWeb UK) April 30, 2009 is pleased to report increased tourism revenues to Italy helping the country pull clear of its economic slump.

Tourism is Italys number one industry. It is possible then to imagine the panic that has gripped and still does in some ways the various tourism providers and suppliers in this beautiful country.

Italy has a wealth or tourist pleasures, possibly of more variety than anywhere else in the world. One can swim in the ocean, visit ancient remains in Rome, ride a gondola in Venice and then round it off with some skiing in the afternoon. Various websites and blogs provide a wealth of information about these subjects. To top all this off, food and drink in Italy is possibly number one also, depending on your likes and dislikes. However one thing is without doubt, cuisine is of an exceptionally high standard and is replicated throughout the world (pizza, pasta) so that is testament to some prowess. The wines are globally renowned: from light whites like Pinot Grigio, Soave and more to deep Super Tuscan reds and Chiantis. Olive oil also is received in a premium product form, with some varieties reaching quite scalable prices for a bottle.

The reason for mention of the cuisine in some detail is that many visitors to the country list this as one of the main factors for their high level of enjoyment. Coming a close second is the destination itself, further to those mentioned above, Italy and Tuscany itself is know for gems such as Florence (full of Renaissance art), medieval towns such as Siena and San Gimignano, Arezzo and more. The coastline is also very attractive, although is not as nice as some people would believe, the best beaches being found in Sardinia, Elba and Sicily.

Tuscany itself is comprised of the classic skyline we see so often in marketing of tour operators to the region: rolling green hills, bedecked with vineyyards, olive groves and hilltop towns. The reality is not far different.

It is generally perceived that the economic panic of the latter part of last year and this year has become accepted now…in so far as everyone knows there is a world recession in place following the boom of previous years. The market in general seems to have recovered now: Italy seems to be getting the tourism traffic it so badly craves, albeit late. Companies such as who offer holiday villas in Tuscany are seeing a resurgence also. People have adjusted their spending plans accordingly, probably not buying houses or cars, but less costly but deemed essential buys like holidays and so on. After all, those with a family, a holiday is almost the defining note of ones summer in many cases, even if the week away becomes a week with friends, relatives or just the back yard. At any time, one needs a gap where one can recharge the batteries, relax away from work/school and continue afterwards. To deny this essential break means the following gap to the next holiday break becomes even more demanding. Do this in a recession when things are hard and demanding anyway, can make it doubly worse.

It remains to be seen whether mass market destinations, favoured by the package holiday maker elsewhere in the world remain as buoyant as Italy, but success may be measured now in attractiveness of a destination: if a family can afford one holiday this year and not two, maybe those destinations which offer the ‘most’ will benefit first.

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