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The Benefits Of Visiting Rural Tuscany

The majority of people who visit Tuscany see Florence and Pisa as the predominant attractions and fail to recognise that the rural localities of the region as a tourist attraction in their own right. This countryside paradise, full of wonderful farm buildings and beautiful medieval towns and villages should form part of any trip itinerary when in Tuscany; it is simply too good to miss. Most consider this to be the real Tuscany, a landscape of rolling hills interspersed by farm buildings, vineyards and terracotta houses.

Holidays spent travelling round the sumptuous Tuscan countryside are relaxing in extremis; allowing visitors to completely unwind and forget about work and life at home. Visitors may choose to watch the world go by sitting at a local cafe sipping the great wine or coffee, or may wish to sit atop one of the many hillsides purveying the glorious scenery. Holidays in this part of the world are all about relaxation and rejuvenation, winding down to the local way of life and simply, taking it easy.

For the chance to sample the fine cuisine and wines of Italy Tuscany is a must visit destination. The Tuscan cuisine is heavily focussed on meat dishes even though the countryside is predominantly used for arable farming. The dishes include steaks and pork cooked in a traditional way and accompanied by fresh, juicy seasonal vegetables. Locals think of nothing of spending hours at the dinner table conversing and enjoying both each other’s company and the great food; for travellers, doing the same is a vital experience.

Italy is famed for its wine and has been since at least the Roman age. Thankfully Tuscany is exactly the same and is intensely proud of its wine making heritage. The farm complexes and affixed vineyards in most cases are happy to welcome tourists on tasting trips to sample their wares. A large number of wines are produced in the region although the most famous variety is Chianti. Chianti from Tuscany is considered by many to be the perfect tipple to complement the meat dishes and a great way to understand the Tuscan culture.

The rural regions of Tuscany are in most instances, picture perfect. Rolling hills dotted with quaint farm buildings at the centre of richly coloured farmland. The crops gently sway in the wind while the cypress trees that border the fields give a vista that is impossible to find anywhere else in the world. In many cases it is like stepping back in time for tourists to a simpler, less stressful age. The rural localities can be considered perfect for holidays whether travelling as a couple or as a family. The scenery oozes romance while the wide open spaces give children the chance to play to their heart’s content. All this is accompanied by warm Mediterranean sun and glorious blue skies; some may argue that the word paradise simple does not do rural Tuscany justice.

In terms of accommodation there are a variety of choices for holidays. While Florence and Pisa are filled with large hotels, increasingly farm accommodation is becoming popular with tourists as it gives direct access to the marvellous interior. It is not just farm buildings but also castles are being converted into holiday complexes with swimming pools and places to undertake activities such as horse riding and cycling. In most cases these places are run by locals ensuring the warmest of welcomes and service with a personal touch.

The benefits of visiting rural Tuscany are hard to dispute. Tourists are guaranteed to return from their holidays, more relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated having sampled the best that the region has to offer. So for a unique and interesting holiday idea, consider rural Tuscany as the perfect destination.

Travel expert Thomas Pretty looks at the farm holidays Tuscany option for tourists who want the finer things in life.

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Rural Holidays In Tuscany; Rolling Hills, Farm Buildings And Fine Cuisine

When most people think about holidays in Tuscany they think of Florence, Pisa and the coastline of this fascinating region of Italy. There is another Tuscany however, a world of farm buildings and medieval hamlets; this is the real Tuscany and holidays in the Tuscan interior are well worthwhile for couples and families alike.

Rural holidays in Tuscany are sublimely relaxing, unwind to the local’s pace of life and forget the stresses and strains of the rat race. Whether sipping wine sat outside a farm building or just relaxing atop one of the many hills of the region, relaxation is key to the Tuscan culture and when you embark on a holiday in Tuscany you will not be able to help unwinding to this unique way of life.

For those who are more than happy to sample the finer things in life, Tuscany is the perfect destination. The cuisine of the region consists heavily of meat, strange considering the predominance of the arable farm. Steaks and pork make up some of the finest dishes of Tuscany, naturally accompanied by the freshest of seasonal vegetables. For the locals, long lazy meals are an integral part of the culture and relaxing over a meal with family is fundamental to social interaction.

Of course, as with much of Italy, no meal would be complete without wine, Tuscany is no different and those undertaking holidays in the region would be foolish to miss the opportunity of sampling some of the local tipple. Vineyards are almost a numerous as other types of farm in the region with the most famous wine being Chianti. The Chianti produced in Tuscany acts as the perfect accompaniment to the meat dishes and can be considered as the ideal way to immerse yourself in Tuscan culture.

Those undertaking holidays in Tuscany should definitely tour the rural regions, the rolling hills are dotted with all types of farm, although mostly the arable variety. The scenes of crops gently swaying in the breeze with the cypress trees dotted around the fields puts the tourist in a timeless place that is as far removed from the modern world as possible. Couples will love the chance to picnic in the scenic surroundings while families will enjoy the wide open spaces.

Nature is an important part of holidays in the interior of Tuscany; there are five large natural parks that are enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. The chance to walk in the warm breeze and view the farm buildings that dot the hillsides will enthral and amaze visitors who wish to recuperate in this serene countryside. The large forests habituate different species of deer and wild boar that will give wildlife enthusiasts a thrill. These forests contain some magical waterfalls that are worthy of the title ‘fairytale’ and the many species of flower make the floral displays truly spectacular.

The parks seamlessly connect with the coastline in Tuscany and the beaches are both tranquil and beautiful. Holidays in this region would not be complete without a trip to the coast as a dip in the warm waters is a refreshing way to relax in the warm Tuscan sun.

Accommodation in Tuscany is increasingly being based in the rural areas. As Florence and Pisa are two of the most visited cities in Europe due to their cultural worth; the importance of having a base in the serene countryside is rapidly becoming an element of most holidays in the region. Farm buildings and castles are hastily being converted to cater for the needs of the tourist, many have had pools built and these locally run businesses offer holidays with the personal touch.

There is no doubt that holidays in Tuscany are changing. The unspoilt interior of the region is widely unspoilt and unlike the major cities is untouched by mass tourism. The increasing numbers of converted farm accommodation makes a rural base the ideal way to soak in as much as the Tuscan culture as possible during your stay.

Travel expert Thomas Pretty has visited Italy many times and uses Montebelli’s farm holidays Tuscany services on a regular basis. To find out more please visit

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