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How to Get Low Cost Property Rentals in Tuscany

With the ongoing economic crisis the number of those trying to save as much as possible on their accommodation expense when traveling to Tuscany has gone up accordingly. It is just common sense that when you want to travel, especially abroad, you are willing to trade off some accommodation comforts for a longer stay. However, this may not always be possible, or at times advisable. There are chances of you ending up with your vacation completely ruined because you saved so much on your new temporary home that when you got there you found an unpleasant place to live in. I am sure many of you had this experience before. For one thing, I had it, and it was really unpleasant. It is a horrible feeling when after a wonderful day trip the thought of going back to your temporary stay just makes you shiver. There are ways, however, to find a less expensive Tuscan property while maintaining good living standards.

The following are simple tricks on how to find a good quality Tuscan property at cheaper prices.

The first step is to go on the Internet and start searching for rental properties in Tuscany. Insert any keyword you like (some suggestions could be: villas in Tuscany, farmhouse in Tuscany, Tuscany apartments, low cost Tuscany rentals, and so on. You get the idea.)

When results come up you will have to filter out all the many portal websites, as the majority of them do take a commission on the rental price, so you want to avoid them. Go directly to those results that rank poorly in google or any other search engines. You are very likely to find sites entirely dedicated to one property only and with the direct contact information, no intermediaries.

Make a list of the properties you really like (10 to 20 properties), then select th

Stay away from renown localities. The first thing you have to ask yourself is: where do I want to be in Tuscany? Not many know that there are many regions of Tuscany that are not as expensive as others. The Chianti region is one of the most expensive, while the coast tends to be more affordable. In addition, properties near famous towns (i.e. Siena, Florence, Pienza and Montepulciano just to name a few) tend to be more expensive because of their location. Therefore make sure you plan ahead where you want to be in Tuscany. Remember, a rule of thumb is to look for accommodations that are far from heavily advertised or well known towns and localities.

Complain about the pitfalls. Get smart. When reviewing the properties you are interested in, jot down a list of what are (or could be) major pitfalls of each property. Then contact the owner requesting a quote. After the quote has been provided to you, start complaining about the pitfalls you found. Things like excessive distance from shops and groceries, no swimming pool, no air conditioning, or an ugly landscape are precious arrows to your arch. Remember: each owner knows the pitfalls of his or her property, therefore you will be gently guided towards the ups of the property. It’s up to you to discover the downs and politely, but firmly, pinpoint them to the owner. After a few days of email exchange you are very likely to get a discount on the property. Do not get discouraged at first, as the owner will defend his or her property wisely. All you have to do is to keep asking for more details on the property to let the owner know you are really interested in it, let him/her know you really love the property, but that those issues are really a problem for you, and the only way to work it out would be a discount.

Book late. If you are used to hotels, you may have missed a detail about Tuscan accommodations. Bookings for these properties start way before the supposed arrival date, usually one year or more in advance. This is because of the weekly nature of these rentals which increases the commitment and the opportunity cost for both the owner and the renter. However, this also works to your advantage. Accommodations always experience few empty weeks or last minute cancellations every season. Owners get desperate for those weeks to become booked. The very interesting thing is that since bookings start so early, they also end quite early, therefore owners have to start lowering rental prices weeks ahead. This will give you the double advantage of booking your property with a much shorter advance, and saving up to 30% on the original price. Considering that there are more or less 2,500 rental properties in Tuscany, you are pretty sure you will be able to find one that suites you at the price you need.

Play rebate. Finally a great trick that works excellent in combination with the techniques above, is to let the owner know that you have also found another great property that you and your family love just as much, but that rents at a lower price. To make this more credible, search the Internet for another property with the same capacity, located wherever in Tuscany. The new property has to have lower prices. Then communicate what you have found to the first owner, and send him/her the link to the other property’s website for reference, stating you are getting the property for a discount due to some special promotion that’s not advertised. You may contact the other property owner as well and start a rebate match between the owners to win you over. You just have to sit back and watch, eventually picking the lowest offer.

So remember: book far from renown localities, complain about the pitfalls, book late, and play rebate with two or more properties. These advices should give you a great way to start saving on your next trip to Tuscany.

After years in the holiday rental business, John writes and consults on his specialty area: the Tuscan villa and apartment rental market. He does consulting and scouts great accommodation rentals in Tuscany at accessible prices for

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