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Why Holidays In Tuscany Can Fulfil All Needs

Tuscany can be considered one of the most unique and distinctive regions in all of Italy, perfect for a variety of holidays it amazes and enthrals visitors at every turn. There is a wealth of historic sites and huge amounts of art and culture to see in Tuscany, meaning those on holidays in the region have their cultural and educational taste buds satisfied. It is not just art and history that should fill holidays in Tuscany however, with sumptuous cuisine and truly wondrous rustic villages dotted around the countryside, Tuscany can be considered the quintessential Italian province.

The major city of Tuscany is Florence; the architectural masterpiece should form a part of all holidays in the region. As the home of the famed Medici clan it was one of the centres, if not the centre of the renaissance in terms of artistic and scientific thought. Great thinkers and scientists such as Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci and Raphael were all bankrolled by the Medici and as such their works are still visible in the city today. The city however fills every year during the season of holidays; some estimates reckon that during the high season the population of Florence almost doubles, while you will definitely want to see this renaissance centre, it is advisable to include some more sedate attractions in your holiday to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

As well as Florence, holidays in Tuscany should include a visit to Siena. Slightly less busy than Florence it gives visitors the chance to see wonderful examples of medieval architecture. The fan shaped piazza is worthy of note as is the annual horse race that brings a carnival atmosphere to the city. Siena sits in the heart of the Chianti wine making region so for those who want to include wine in their holidays, it is an essential stopping place sitting in amongst the clay hills and gently sloped valleys.

One of the most beautiful cities in Tuscany is San Gimignano, this city is referred to by the locals as the ‘city of towers’ and this name is quite apt. There are fourteen medieval towers that survive in the city, a result of local lords attempting to outdo each other with status symbols. Unlike many cities in Tuscany the towers of San Gimignano have survived the many wars and natural disasters that have plagued the province through the centuries. Today it stands a perfect reminder of what life was like in medieval Italy.

Beach holidays are often ignored in Tuscany due to the wealth of fantastic cities in the region. The coastal regions however should form part of any trip in the province, especially if travelling with children. In fact the beaches are where the inhabitants of Florence flee to every year when the numbers of tourists become too much. In addition, if your holidays rarely include lying on a beach for days on end, touring the magnificent countryside is a welcome distraction from the sand and sea.

Chianti is arguably the most famous of all the Italian wines so when in this region it would be criminal not to tour the many vineyards. Tasting the different qualities of Chianti is an experience not to be missed, especially when combined with the fabulous cuisine.

Holidays in Tuscany will provide the tourist with a full bank of memories and experiences that will remain for life. Whether it is seeing the seminal renaissance works of the Florence masters or touring the amazing medieval towns and cities there is plenty to fulfil the cultural appetite. If you just want to relax the beach and countryside make the perfect escape and with the constant prevalence of the Chianti you are sure to find all you want on a trip to this fantastic region.

Travel expert Thomas Pretty looks into why holidays in Tuscany can be considered perfect for all types of tourist.

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