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When it Comes to Holiday Villas, Tuscany Has Much to Offer Its Visitors

When it comes to beautiful holiday villas, Tuscany has plenty to offer! Not only is the Tuscany area a one-of-a-kind destination for those looking for romance and charm, the vacation rentals available in Tuscany are also simply amazing. Before you start looking through available vacation rentals, however, you might want to learn more about what Tuscany has to offer.

Visiting Tuscany Wine Country

Before you begin looking through available vacation rentals, you might want to explore the many different wine regions in Tuscany. In fact, when looking through available holiday villas, Tuscany offers many that put wine lovers in the heart of wine country. There are three primary wine areas to explore in Tuscany. These include:

Chianti Montepulciano Montalcino

There are numerous wine estates to explore in each of these regions. In the Chianti Area, for example, you may visit Poggio Casciano Estate, which features 60 hectares of vineyards. Montemasso, Santa Dame, Castello dei Rampolla and Cennatoio are also found in the Chianti area. In the Montepulciano area, you can visit Poderi Boscarelli, Villa Sant Anna and Tenuta Valdipiatta vineyards, while the Montalcino Area offers Fanti Tenuta San Filippo, San Polino and Tenuta Le Potazzine.

Shopping in Tuscany

Of course, Tuscany has more to offer than just vineyards. If you love to shop, you will be thrilled by the numerous shopping opportunities available in Tuscany. Even better, you will find that there are several vacation rentals available that are within walking distance from many of the best shopping opportunities in the area.

Tuscany is known for its small craft shops, which offer a variety of great items for sale. Some of these include:

Leather goods Crystal products Terra cotta products Lace goods

You will also find plenty of opportunities to purchase designer clothes, accessories and more in Tuscany. In fact, you will find plenty of opportunities to purchase clothing from designers such as Gucci, Prada, Fendi and Armarni. In many cases, these designer items can be purchased for half the price you would pay elsewhere.

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the shopping opportunities in Tuscany, you might want to consider taking a shopping tour. With one of these tours, you can choose to visit stores offering products that fall all within one particular category. Just remember that merchants in Tuscany love to barter, so be sure to use your bartering skills in order to get the best deals possible!

When it comes to holiday villas, Tuscany has many to select from. By carefully exploring what Tuscany has to offer, you can decide which of these vacation rentals will put you closest to the sites and attractions that interest you the most!

When it comes to holiday villas Tuscany offers many options to travelers. In order to select from the many beautiful Tuscany vacation rentals available, be certain to consider what Tuscany has to offer so you can select the location that is best for you.

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