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One Day Journey Around Cortona, Tuscany – Slow And Relaxed

Home letting in Tuscany may create as a bit of a dilemma to the first time tourist to the county. First of all there are many holiday country homes to choose from in Tuscany by yourself some of  the country homes in the county come with their own swimming pools. Choosing a location to visit would be your first main concern, for Tuscany is certainly sprawling with historical cities and exceptional  expected spots. You can cover few of Tuscany’s  historical places or interesting sites in one day’s journey if you are located in a central area, as Cortona.

Alternatively, if you are just looking for a lavish home mainly to sit  and slow down, choosing Tuscany for the  part of Italy you want to stay for your holidays,  find  a quiet location that suits you, but still fits into your relaxation and leisure requirements.

If you are looking for some lodging near the water, you may want to benefit the services of a vacation rental home in Tuscany near the sea or a lake, and those that can offer you different water sports amenities like scuba diving , swimming and fishing. If you are more into mauve and wine tasting, there are rental homes  in Tuscany that are close to vineyards or taverns, and arrange for you  wine tasting tours. If you are more into environment  and trekking, there are rental farmhouses in Tuscany that are near the hills and mountains which is a perfect heaven getaway that remains untouched as nature created.

certainly, the prices of rental homes  in Tuscany are influenced  by which province you choose to reside in; the more trendy destinations are, and quality of the homes are, prices go  higher.  Also the different seasons of the year dictates the costs. Choose from the different areas like: Arezzo-Cortona, Chianti, Florence,  Lucca, Montepulciano, Montecatini, San Gimignano and Siena.

Traveling thrugh agency with special packages included  may affect  the price , as owners are paying high commission to the agencies and they can not be able to give extra discounts.

 Some travelers  choose for the complete lavish package, from the air and ground carriages to the verity of events  and amusements , to the multi-staffed halls that are on your beck and call 24 hours a day for all the days you are staying there. Others like better  the accommodations  that can house more than 20 guests at the same time; and this is ideal for those travelers coming with their families or in a group of friends to Tuscany.

If you are on a more limited budget, however, there are other alternatives to the really extravagant villas in the region. There are smaller farmhouses  just on outside the outskirts of town that have the same ambience as the large 20-acre villas. These smaller farmhouses   are more personalized and are often managed by the owners  who shall give you personal and cozy feeling.


Born in 1947 in Poland, for 3 years and during the 6 days war served the Israeli army as photographer in the infantry, in 1970 studied at the faculty of Medicine in Padova, Italy, writing, painting for himself, worked for 20 years as building contractor with his brother, co- owner of Art Gallery and Hotel in Cortona, Tuscany, where he lives.

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Tuscany: A Romantic Journey

Tuscany: A Romantic Journey

List Price: $ 8.99


Find More Tuscany Products

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Tuscany: A Romantic Journey

Tuscany: A Romantic Journey

Take a romantic journey across the fabled landscape of Tuscany with these beautiful, orchestral recordings of Italian classics. Instrumentation includes an orchestra.

List Price: $ 15.99


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Oh! A Gay & Lesbian Experiential Journey to Tuscany Filled with Romance, Chocolate and Fine Cuisine

Chandler, AZ (PRWEB) November 6, 2005

In the fall of 2006, Oh! Vacation will lead two groups, one for women and the other for men, into the heart of the Tuscan region of Italy. This experiential journey to Tuscany will allow each person to immerse themselves in the culture, and let the natural rhythm and pace of the location take over. It is about letting go of the real world we all live in, where there is hustle and bustle, lots of stress, and instead letting the ambiance fill the soul.

Hallmarked as an “experiential journey”, this adventure is for gays and lesbians of all ages, who love to walk, enjoy meeting new people and are passionate about culture, art, cuisine, and history. Both excursion’s will visit all the best cities and towns that Tuscany has to offer, including San Gimignano, Siena, Chianti, Greve, Radda, Florence, Lucca, and Pisa.

“There will definitely be a pastoral flare to each trip,” said Gloriana Hunter of OH! Vacation. The groups will be taken to parts of the Tuscany region where little has changed since the medieval ages. They will experience wine from vineyards and olive oil from groves that have existed for hundred of years.

First-class accommodations will include two nights in Rome and six nights in Montecatini, a northern Tuscan city famous for its spas. The trip will allow ample free time mixed with day tours that include wine-tasting, olive oil tasting and even chocolate tasting. There will also be an authentic Tuscan cuisine cooking lesson, taught by an Italian chef. Breakfast is included every morning, as well as 4 dinners and 2 lunches.

The OH! Vacation to Tuscany costs $ 2,495 per person and includes international airfare. The women’s trip is scheduled for August 7-16, 2006 and a men’s trip is scheduled for September 18-26, 2006. In keeping with the Oh! business practice, both couples and singles are welcome. The company policy is that singles pay the same price as couples and are very welcome on any trip. OH! Vacation helps match roommates so that no single person is left paying more unless they specifically desire a room to themselves.

Oh! The wine.

Oh! The food.

Oh! The chocolate.

Oh! What better place for romance than Tuscany!

Reservations can be made online at, or by calling OH! Vacation toll free to (877) 457-9297.

About OH! Vacation (

OH! Vacation focuses on experiential world journeys for the GLBT community and is a division of Odyssey Vacation, a full-service travel agency located in the greater Phoenix metro area.


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