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What makes your guests happy? Tips for hotel owners in Tuscany

If you own a hotel in Tuscany, you wish for your guests to have the best of all. To lodge in a luxurious hotel in Paris or New York is certainly different than to stay in high quality suites farmhouse hotel in Tuscany, because the atmosphere of Italy and specifically Tuscany can not be compared even if the sheets in the master bedroom are made out of silk.

What makes your guests happy? Will they return or recommend it to their friends? Will their reviews will be positive?

The important matters in serving your guests and make them happy, include a clean hotel that smells fresh, rooms that are bright and airy with clean floors, sheets and bathrooms and, finally, useful facilities.

But the most important basic matter is the personal touch, the welcoming of the guests upon arrival, and helps them with their first meeting in unknown hotel and surrounding.

So, what exactly is a useful amenity? Ice buckets, complimentary soft, absorbent towels, comfortable sheets, luggage racks that actually hold your suitcase without collapsing under its weight and irons and ironing boards ,not to forget hair dryer, useful amenities commonly found in hotels where the management is paying attention to their guests needs regardless of their class. This means that small things make the difference of the service in most hotels.

They are the details that stick out in the minds of guests when they’re asked about their vacation. Some people remember the friendly staff member who provided turn-by-turn directions to a restaurant or attraction while others remember soft carpet or clean sheets and still others remember spacious bathrooms with soft towels and luxury toiletries.

If you travel to stay in Tuscany for your vacation, you will look for a luxurious farmhouse in Tuscany, and if you will read guests reviews regards this or that certain farmhouse hotel you are willing to stay in, you will have very pleasant holidays spent in country house without any surprises.

Regardless of why you travel to Tuscany, if you are staying in San Gimignano or in Cortona or how long you are staying, the details still matter. Some people don’t care about the pool or the towels but they care deeply about the bed and the linens that cover it. Different amenities matter to different people but everyone deserves a quality room furnished and maintained with quality hotel supplies.

When travellers stay in a hotel for any length of time, it is a ‘home away from home’. Having the comforts of home and welcoming staff, helps make their stay cosy, easy and tranquil, as it should be; hopefully it’s memorable as well.

A hotel’s management, housekeeping, guest services and maintenance teams all share the same target: they do their best to provide each guest a remarkable experience. Part of creating an experience that is memorable for all the right reasons means investing in well-priced hotel supplies which results in a win-win situation.

We, at La Mucchia casa vacanze – a vacation farmhouse in Cortona, are aware of the small details…

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