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Experience A Walking Wine Tour Of Tuscany

The countryside of Tuscany is littered with wineries left, right and centre. There is simply no better way to experience this part of Italy than with a walking wine tour of Tuscany. It is all good and well to be driven around in an air-conditioned vehicle, being lectured about the wine lands you are passing. However, in that situation, you are so remote from the vineyard, the true Tuscany and the real experience.

A walking wine tour of Tuscany will put you in touch with the land, the vineyards, the sights, smells, sounds. If you are a health enthusiast, fitness conscious or simply want to make the most of your time in Italy, a walking wine tour of Tuscany is just the right thing for you. You can indulge in fine wine, enjoy the new tastes of Italian cuisine and participate in any local events without a drop of guilt. All your worries will melt away when you sample the delicious food and wine on a walking wine tour of Tuscany.

It Is All About Experience

Holidays and the making of life-long memories are all about the experiences you have during your lifetime. A walking wine tour of Tuscany is the perfect addition to your repertoire of memorable experiences. It is possibly the best wine tour you can take when visiting Italy and promises to see you return home with tons of special memories of the sights, sounds, smells and much more. You will walk up an appetite that can only be satisfied by the finest local cuisine on a walking wine tour of Tuscany. While you are walking up an appetite for fine food and drink, you will be able to satisfy your appetite for beautiful scenery, especially if you choose to walk the wine roads of San Gimignano and Montcalino.

These areas will see you on a 7-day walking wine tour of Tuscany that is a dream come true for any hiker, nature enthusiast or history buff. You will be taken through old farmhouses made of stone, age old abbeys that have stood the test of time and lanes lined with cypress trees whispering of the history they have seen. Can you think of anything better? Well, to add to that, you can see, experience and participate in the city culture of Tuscany and make full use of the opportunity to truly experience the beauty and variety of Italy.  Come on a walking wine tour of Tuscany; you will not regret a single moment of it.

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Italy – Experience The Flavour Of Europe

If a holiday for you means more than just visiting a place where you can sit back and relax, it means coming out of your routine life and exploring new places and forgetting yourself in the rich culture, beauty, history and art of the destination, then you are an avid vacationer at heart. Though there are many places around the world that offer a great blend of a gorgeous settings, rich and tasteful culture, glorious history with interesting art and architecture and modern facilities, Italy is one of the places that have made people absolutely awestruck. Anyone who has visited Italy wishes to return again to explore the country which has so much to offer.

It is not without any reason that Italy is the fifth country to receive the highest number of visitors every year. While ravishing coastline and beaches, mountains and treasured monuments, make it a beautiful location, the art, history, fashion and cuisine give it the charm it possesses that entices people to visit Italy. Rome and Milan are two of the most visited cities in the country. A number of churches and museums adorn the city of Rome which is the capital of Rome. Some of the most visited sights are the Colosseum and the Vatican Museums, the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Villa Borghese, Piazza Navona, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Roman Forum, Castle Sant’Angelo among several other sights.

Milan is another popular city, that is known for its fashion and is called The Fashion Capital of the country. There are many other great cities and many locations in the country.

While Bologna is known for its rich history, culture, and technology, Florence, which has important ties with the Renaissance, has rich architecture and art. Michelangelo’s famous statue of David is also in Florence and it is home to a number of great museums. Naples, located near the famous volcano Vesuvius is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Located near to the city are the ruins of ancient Roman towns of Pompeii and Ercolano. it was one of the most important medieval maritime republic. Genoa is another important city that is very rich and diverse. Pisa is a significant city that has gained worldwide recognition for its Leaning Tower of Pisa, which remains an architectural wonder till today. Venice is a beautiful and romantic city, that is famous for its history, art and world famous canals. Turin, which was the first capital of Italy is an important industrial city where the company FIAT is based giving it an important industrial base.

The Roman Empire, middle ages and renaissance have left deep cultural impacts on many of these cities in their art and architecture. In fact, UNESCO has declared forty four of the sites in Italy as World Heritage Sites, which is more than the number of sites in any other country. It includes many entire cities like Sienna, Verona, Vicenza, San Gimignano, Ferrara and Urbino. The cuisine and fashion of Italy, are popular worldwide. With so much to see, experience and explore, there will not be a moment that you would regret your decision to choose to travel Italy for your holiday. You are going to fall in love with this beautiful, rich country.

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