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The Gourmet Delights Of A Luxury Holiday In Tuscany

If you mention gourmet food, most likely two countries come to mind: France and Italy. But if you take a step back, you’ll discover that much of the French traditions have their origins in Tuscany, from when the Firenze chefs followed the French court of Caterina de’Medici in the 1500s. Tuscan cooking has a deceptively simple quality to it, based on purity and the natural taste of ingredients, rather than trying to mask the flavours with seasonings and sauces like in other cultures. Gourmets in Tuscany are in for a real treat, but what can they expect to sample while abroad?

The varied geography of Tuscany contributes to the flavours you can expect to enjoy. The area mixes mountains, villages, cities and sea-coasts. Near the sea, you predictably can enjoy a huge selection of seafood, the highlight of which is Cacciucco – a famous soup with a flavour that varies depending on the catch of the day. Elsewhere in the region, you’ll find local meats grilled over open fires. One of the best known dishes in Tuscan cooking is Bistecca Fiorentina, perfectly done T-bone steak served with a splash of olive oil. With the Tuscan hills home to pheasant, rabbit, partridge and wild boar, game has also played an important part in Tuscany’s gourmet cuisine throughout the years, if you manage to grow tired of farmed meats, and the warm Mediterranean weather if of course perfect for vegetables to grow and develop a rich, full flavour. Many of them have had such a strong growth that they can be delicious eaten raw, or steamed and drizzled with olive oil and a little garlic, but to me the best way to enjoy these luscious legumes is a local method called ‘saltare’. Saltaring involves steaming the vegetables, and then sautéing them in olive oil, chili peppers and garlic.

Of course, herbs and spices are a huge part of Tuscany’s gourmet cooking, and once again the varied local terrain means that aromatic herbs can be sourced locally with very little trouble. Rosemary and sage are favourites in Tuscany’s food and both can be found in abundance in the local hills. Alongside all the ingredients-waiting-to-happen you will see as you explore the Tuscany hills, you will notice an abundance of olive trees. The olive oil from these is considered too good to be used for frying, and is more commonly used as a condiment – drizzled over meat, vegetables and the local salt-free bread.

Said salt-free bread (it was believed that bread kept its freshness better without) is best accompanied with the pecorino cheese – a sheepsmilk cheese with a variety of age-dependent flavours, perfect to conclude a gourmet Tuscany meal.

You may have noticed the complete absence of pasta from this list of Tuscany’s food, and that’s no mistake. It’s not actually an integral part of the Tuscan dining experience, but occasionally fresh pasta does sneak onto the menu. Pappardelle topped with meat or tomato bases sources will be on some menus if you miss the staple, and Pici – hand rolled small pasta made from flour and water – is quite common throughout the south of the region.

The wines are well worth an article in their own right, but to be brief, the Chianti proves a big draw to people looking to take luxury holidays in Tuscany. First invented back in 1860, nowadays bottles are distributed across the world from the region. Chianti Classico is only bottled in the area between Florence and Sienna and each bottle shows the growers’ logo: a black cockerel against a gold backdrop.

The food of Tuscany still manages to set the standards of Italian cuisine. At times Tuscan cooking appears basic, but behind that lies a real love of food and wine, using only fresh local ingredients. If you’re looking to experience the authentic food of Italy, you could do much worse than a luxury holiday in Tuscany!

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Culinary Delights at Its Best at Delhi Hotels

As part of old customary, Indians still believe in serving their guests with only the best cuisines. The national capital of India, Delhi particularly embodies a pastiche of cuisines and flavours either imported or self created. Ranging from Mexican to Lebanese to Desi curries Delhi has adopted innumerable recopies to create its very own unique flavour. Such potpourri of rich flavours can be easily found at luxury Delhi hotels. These hotels masters the art of culinary and with their numerous restaurants and expert chefs creates magic of culinary delights that makes everyone commit a sin, that of gluttony. Thus dining at these hotels in Delhi comes with complete satisfaction and is one of the best features of these hotels.

Out of a long list of luxury hotels in Delhi those with finest series of restaurants are the following:
Taj Mahal Hotel:
A distinguished address in the national capital, Taj Mahal Hotel is long known for its graceful architecture and warm hospitality. But the one feature which marks its exclusivity is the long list of in-house restaurants offering varied world cuisines. Restaurants:

Emperor’s Lounge: famed for coffees and desserts,
House of Ming: produces classic Cantonese and Sichuan cuisines,
Machan: offers eclectic multi cuisine fares
The Grill Room serving European specialities, Varq offering Indian feast and
Wasabi By Morimoto serving Japanese Sakes and Sushi Bar are the famed culinary delights.

The Oberoi:
Grand is its style and opulence is its way, The Oberoi Hotels have carved a niche for themselves amidst a horde of classy Delhi luxury hotels. When it comes to food, the choices here are endless and can be called the dreamland of every gourmet. Restaurants:

Travertino: Authentic Indian cuisines with fine wines
Taipan: Food from all provinces of China is served here
Club Bar: Lobby level bar serving fine collection of spirits
The Oberoi Patisserie and Delicatessen: An art gourmet store

The Imperial:
A marvellous composition of Victorian, colonial and art deco The Imperial is one purely name for luxury and is a constant reminder of colonial elegance. The hotel has maintained similar style and elegance even in its inviting multi-cuisine restaurants. Restaurants:

The Spice Route: Pan Asian Restaurant serving offering delectable Indian flavours
1911 Bar: Period furnishing, soothing music ambiance is apt for enjoying choicest of wines.
1911 Restaurant: All day dinner
San Gimignano: Italian restaurant & alfresco dining
Daniell’s Tavern: Famous menu includes variety of kebabs, korma and other Mughal cuisines.
The Atrium: A quick reminder of English afternoon tea and breakfast is offered here
Patiala Peg: One of the renowned bars it has a fabulous collection of pictures of Maharaja of Patiala
La Bagnetta: Sweet temptations of chocolates and pastries offered here

These Delhi hotels thus lure its guests with a quantum of delightful fine dining options. Their culinary skills talk for their premier level of dedication and hospitality. These hotels thus always make into most of the food guides of the city.

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