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Renaissance Cooking Courses Offered in Tuscany, Italy

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Renaissance Cooking Courses Offered in Tuscany, Italy

Florence, Italy (PRWEB) December 1, 2007

Good Tastes of Tuscany Cookery School introduces daily and weekly cooking classes specializing in Renaissance Cuisines.

Good Tastes of Tuscany, a cooking school that provides hands-on experience in cooking the traditional Tuscan way in Tuscany, Italy. Good Tastes of Tuscany has added new items to its portfolio. In 2008 the it is offering courses in Renaissance cooking, sharing with you the gastronomical splendors of this fascinating period of Italian history.

The Renaissance is well known for the many frontiers it breached in art & science, but great heights were scaled in the culinary arts which is lesser known, says Massimo Brogi, Media Relations Manager of Good Tastes of Tuscany.

The cuisine of the period was as rich and varied as the art and literature of the time, the menus of the day redolent with spices were replete with succulent meats and decadent desserts. There was great interest in the medicinal properties of food and religion had a strong influence on menus with the Church dictating that certain foods were to be avoided at certain times of the year.    

The cuisine of the rich was vastly different from that of a poor man’s home, until gradually the distinctions became blurred. Today, the Renaissance influence still echoes in many of the Tuscan dishes that has become world-famous, like the Ribollita, Minestrone and Tripe.

During these cookery classes, you will have the opportunity to learn about seasonal and regional factors that had a bearing on the food served at the Renaissance table. Presentation was also of utmost importance in that era – learn how food was served in artistic and innovative ways.

There will be two different formats offered for the courses in Renaissance cooking. While one is a single-day format, the other will be a week-long experience incorporating not only time in the kitchen but also excursions out into the countryside to enjoy some of the villas, gardens and monuments still present from the Medici era. Participants in the Good Tastes of Tuscany cooking courses will learn how to prepare and make a complete meal, from appetizer to dessert and we promise that you will carry a piece of the Golden Age of Italy back home.

The classes are held at Villa Pandolfini, a gracious 13th century estate, just 15 minutes from Florence, Italy. The wine and the extra virgin olive oil used in the cooking classes are sourced from the estate. Pick-up facilities are available for those who make Florence their base, but rooms can also be rented at the villa itself.

Good Tastes of Tuscany Cookery School offers lessons round the year. The classes, which are suitable for both the novice and the experienced, are affordably priced and can also be customized to cater to larger groups.

For more information, please contact Max Brogi at: mbrogi @ or cooking @

For inquiries in the US:

Good Tastes of Tuscany

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Tel 801 6062843

For inquiries in Italy:

Telephone: +39 335 8361633

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Tuscany Cooking Courses: Lessons from the Masters

Cooking is a skill practiced by many, but mastered by few. Plenty of school lunches are packed and after work dinners hastily made without much thought about the ingredients and how they meld together and affect the palate. Not all is lost however in today’s fast paces culture — the chef at Benihana as he expertly butterflies shrimp gets it. The old Italian pizza cook who masterfully throws the dough millimeters from the ceiling, but it never touches, gets it. The strongest remaining fortress of old world culinary delight is hands down Tuscany, Italy.

Tuscan cooking, fundamentally, is about simple, choice ingredients being masterfully p[prepared. As the world took note, and the legend of Tuscan Master Chefs began to spread a large amount of interest was generated concerning the classic Tuscan dishes and the wines they are so perfectly coupled with. Now that the secret is out, a whole industry has been created which offers tourists a range of options for Tuscany cooking courses, such as the ones offered by Tuscan Way, have guests spending time with sommeliers as well, allowing them to not only enjoy, but also understand, what goes into the perfect wine pairing. This is knowledge that is sure to stick with you after the trip, making guests the resident wine experts wherever they go. The cooking classes in Tuscany are equally lasting. Next time visitors long for the Tuscan landscape they can take what they learned and apply it in their own kitchen. As the spices began to dance across their tongues visions of Tuscany are sure to follow. is the perfect Tuscany tour provider to choose. They offer affordable excursions and classes throughout Tuscany with a level of experience and access simply not found in the other agencies. offers accommodations in elegant medieval villas and homes situated in enchanting locations throughout the Tuscan countryside. Hosts and property owners welcome guests with warm hearts and open arms. Personalized services let guests feel like Tuscany is their new home away from home. Cooking lessons are taught in the fully equipped kitchen of villas and by experienced chefs, many of whom are internationally renowned masters. Local guides, who have a complete knowledge of Tuscany, take guests on excursions to all the charming sights of the Tuscany. Visit for more information.

Ian Darrah – Co-owner & President. Ian developed Tuscan Way’s Sales and Marketing programs and launched the office in Miami, Florida. He also is involved in business development and adding new Tuscan Way programs. Ian’s love for Tuscany began when he was still a student and an aspiring professional triathlete: studying in Italy and biking the hills of Tuscany. Ian has led triathlon training tours and organized yoga retreats in Tuscany.

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Rick stays at a farmhouse B&B in Tuscany’s hilly Crete Senese country, where generations of the same family have celebrated “the sweet life” with locally-produced pecorino cheese, prosciutto ham, and Chianti wine. For more information on the Rick Steves’ Europe TV series — including episode descriptions, scripts, participating stations, travel information on destinations and more — visit

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