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The Tuscany Country Marvels

The serenity that accompanies Tuscany justifies the perfect balance of beauty and cultural activity in which the region is known for. This is best achieved by doing a farm holiday or residing in a countryside luxury villa. Writing about Tuscany evokes a feeling of unflappability gotten from the relaxed environment around it. It makes a whole lot of sense if ‘luxury’ and ‘farm’ are treated on their own merits. Though scary at first, luxury is associated with expensive things and farm with little comfort. Experiences of mine have corroborated the fact that some fantastic places are much more gratifying than staying at a hotel in the city centre. For example moving some 40 kilometers towards the north-east of Florence is a popular farmhouse very close to a small town is a hideaway that appeals to every eye. Here, you will see uncommon sights that depict the beauty and allure of natural habitats and all that makes them tick. Within the hideaway are olive trees which cover the Tuscan hillsides just as the vegetation is appreciated for the serenity and privacy it provides for its visitors. There are so-named villages dominated by fine properties that have cool and comfortable apartments each.

This array of elegant Tuscan accommodation offers pleasurable views of the entire landscape which could also be used as a captivating background for pictures. The third area is the quaintest sleeping quarters called Macerato, embedded among all the hues of green possible. This kind of vacation rental is as comfortable and reposeful as the luxury villas, only that you are sharing a common ground with other tourists. When you get your Tuscany car rental, you should ask for a good map and maybe even ask them if they can give more explicit directions as the farmhouse is found off other country roads. Usually any holiday home in Tuscany offers the option of giving full directions when booking and also being picked up at nearby train or bus stations. You just have to let them know beforehand. The 11th century medieval monastery of San Lorenzo in Sovicille, south of Siena is one of those vacation rental places in Tuscany where you can have it all and still have your own breathing space, having your freedom from stress. This magnificent lodging is individual apartments tempting you with Tuscany tours such as viewing the hillside and mountains seated in a four-wheel drive vehicle, horse-back riding or an aerial view from a hot-air balloon. And if you do not want to miss out on the lovely beaches, there are excursions to the Mediterranean seashore.

Stay in Tuscany in the Chianti area in the luxury villa estate called Villa de Dievole near the old town of Vagliali. As all villas used to belong to the Italian noble class, the exclusiveness and privacy is incomparable. The decoration in many has been respected in the restoration process; therefore you are living among many centuries of history. This 16th century villa has rooms and suites with a private guesthouse, too. Without overtaxing one’s strength, your Tuscany Italy holiday tours can be choked full of emotions and peacefulness. It is important to know this because from here you will be able to choose the type of accommodation you want to be in. There are some villas which give you the true Tuscan country experience with 360 degrees breathtaking views, gardens that allow you to spend a whole week with bare feet, far from any other man-made landmark. Then there are villas at one mile from the nearest town, where you can still enjoy lots of privacy, but at the same time allow you to enjoy quick trips to nearby interesting spots. There are hideaways that you can enjoy with your lover or spouse.

These are hidden cocoons that serve as love nests for lovers looking to get some Tuscan romance; newly-weds that wish to have a memorable honeymoon and spouses who want to relive the experience of the good old times. Irrespective of the size of the group or couple Tuscany has numerous villas that would cater for their need. At times very large villas can be too expensive, so the best thing is to rent a farmhouse composed of separate apartments in Tuscany. In the event that such villas are expensive most especially the large ones, one can opt for the rental of farm house which are composed of separate apartments. The location of Tuscany is just perfect for its perfect of blend of lots of privacy at an affordable for a small price. The close proximity of the many towns it’s composed of makes it a number one spot to enjoy different kinds of food and assorted wines. You shouldn’t loose sleep over communication at Tuscany as English is widely spoken. The inhabitants of the region are a viable source of information on where and what to do ranging from cultural tours, concerts. All you need to do as a tourist is ask and you are almost there.

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A tour in Tuscany between country and Middle Ages

If you are looking for the ancient and deep origins of italian culture, if you are looking for peace, for a mysterious atmosphere of ancient Etruscans, if you are looking for an unrepeatable landscape, here is your two days tour in Tuscany.

Chianti – Colle Val d’elsa – Volterra – San Gimignano

Starting in the morning with a rental car, you leave Florence and you take the Chiantigiana road (SS222).
Immediately you see the “green”of the unmistakable tuscan hills so famous for wine: the Chianti.
In 40 minutes you arrive in the heart of tuscan countryside and you meet small towns like Greve in Chianti or Panzano.
There you can find some typical products as the excellent olive oil or the famous red wine.

In 50 minutes you arrive to the next stop: Colle val d’Elsa.
It is highly suggested to have lunch in “high” part of the town, and to take “via del Castello” to see squares and palaces of Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Take the SS68 and in half an hour you arrive in Volterra, the etruscan city where you can spend the night.
In the old pedestrian city center you can have dinner in a special atmosphere.
The second day we suggest you to discover the city: from the Medicean fortress to the walls of XIII century, from the alabaster artisans to San Giovanni square with the cathedral, the baptistery and the ancient hospital.

In the afternoon, before returning to Florence you take  the SS68 again, and you can go towards San Gimignano, which is 30 minutes away.
You can not finish your tour in Tuscany without visiting this medieval old town characterized by high towers and important church of its glorious past.

Your trip ends returning with the road which pass through San Casciano, to enjoy the golden hills at the sunset light, before you arrive to the urban florentine reality.

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Tuscan Villas and Country Houses Exclusively Available for Rent Directly by Owner

Florence, Italy (PRWEB) July 1, 2009

Tuscany Rent Direct is proud to present a unmatchable opportunity to travelers to the Tuscany area. For those looking to rent during this opportune time for travel, Tuscany Rent Direct presents a rental opportunity unrivaled by any of our competitors on the market. We are proud to provide our customers with a direct rental process, providing an opportunity to vacation in the Tuscany area without encountering a hefty commission. Tuscany Rent Direct is proud to say it is the only web site specialist on the Tuscany region.

This is an opportune time for renters due to economic conditions of the market, as many homeowners are looking to rent out their property. Only Tuscany Rent Direct provides detailed information on each property, including Google map positioning and a property layout blueprint to display the interior setting. The Tuscany Rent Direct web site is simple, easy, user-friendly, and efficient. This opportunity presented by Tuscany Rent Direct makes it possible for more prospective renters to find the perfect, affordable villa for their dream vacation.

The brilliance of the Tuscan countryside is at its finest and the timing couldn’t be better to take advantage of such an opportunity as Tuscany Rent Direct provides. Visit our website today to see our extraordinary selection of villas, country houses, apartments, beach houses, and bed and breakfasts for rent and jump on this opportunity. Make your dreams come true this year with Tuscany Rent Direct.

About Tuscany Rent Direct

Tuscany Rent Direct is based in the heart of Tuscany, and provides a simple but effective way of connecting property owners and potential renters directly with each other, without applying high commissions to the rental cost. In this manner, we offer you a large selection of properties along with the opportunity to spend a perfect, relaxing holiday in Tuscany.

For More Information Contact:

Tuscany Rent Direct

Telephone +39 0577 1701111


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