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Enjoy Comfort And Convenience With Holiday Villas In Tuscany

If you are planning to travel to Tuscany, Italy, on holiday then you will have a very pleasant vacation experience ahead of you. This is a popular destination in Europe with plenty in terms of natural beauty as well as attractions and entertainment, and the ideal way to make the most of your time in Tuscany is by opting for one of the holiday villas in Tuscany, which are available in the various parts of the region. Tuscany vacation rentals are a popular choice amongst those visiting this area, as they offer affordable luxury that is ideal for a family vacation. Tuscany villas rental costs can vary depending on the type of villa you opt for, and there is plenty of choice when it comes to finding your holiday home in Tuscany. You can get your Tuscany villa in one of many areas in the region, so you can enjoy being conveniently located close to the areas you want to enjoy. With a luxury villa in Tuscany you can relax in style and comfort, with the ideal base from which to explore the area and enjoy all the beauty, attractions, and entertainment that is on offer.

Holiday villas in Tuscany offer a range of facilities and amenities

When you opt for one of the holiday villas in Tuscany you will find a range of amenities and facilities on offer, which can vary depending on your budget. This can include everything from a private swimming pool to staff services, so you can enjoy the ultimate in luxury with some of these villas. A vacation in Tuscany is one that you will be thrilled with thanks to the beauty, history, and culture that can be found in this area, and being able to relax in your own villa will make your time here even more special and memorable. You will enjoy the benefits of plenty of space with your own villa, so you and your loved ones can relax without having to put up with other visitors and tourists as you would in a hotel. Having your villa in Tuscany also means that you can enjoy complete privacy yet enjoy being close to all the areas of interest.

Choose a holiday home in a range of areas in Tuscany

There are many beautiful and fascinating areas in Tuscany, some of which include Siena, Pisa, and Florence, as well as the Chianti wine region, Maremma, and others. You can enjoy a choice of villas in and around these areas, putting you within easy reach of the attractions and sites and enabling you to enjoy affordable luxury in convenient and beautiful surroundings.

You will be surprised at just how affordable a villa in Tuscany can be, even with the more luxurious villas. This is particularly true if you are travelling as part of a larger group or family as it means you won’t have to pay for separate rooms and can enjoy plenty of space and luxury for everyone.

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Wealth and Comfort in Florence Italy

Florence Italy accommodation as hotel and cottage are concerned, let your imagination go from richly furnished five star hotels either in the heart of the city or smaller town accommodations, hidden away in the green hued country. From palaces to castles beautifully decorated and pensions or guesthouses owned by friendly area folk. These all year round lodgings have a wide price range but you can guaranteed that good bargains are to be found in the quiet season. Florence welcomes everyone to be cosy and caters to everybody’s budget.

Wealth and Comfort in Florence Italy

The Savoy Hotel is a fave for those wishing to fulfil a wish for luxury sleeping, not forgetting the shopping gallery and glorious cuisine at the restaurant. The Hotel II Guelfo Bianco on the Thru Cavour right close to the San Marco Square has antique art treasures and original paintings and glorious commodities. Or perhaps a stay at the Grand Hotel Baglioni with its sweeping grey stone stairway so common of many Florentine monuments and wooden beams decorating the ceiling all which give you that special sense of peace and relax.

Florence town should be visited in an extended period of time and if this isn’t feasible, then short visits are perfect to take in all the museums. And for me, one of the finest tactics to do that is by staying in a tiny city cottage near Florence and with your Florence auto rental, enjoy tiny joints into the town. One of the cutest medieval towns nearby is San Gimignano, situated in the triangle of Siena, Florence and Volterra. San Gimignano is undoubtedly known for its thirteen remaining towers of the first seventy-two which once existed. Here, you can have sweet dreams sleeping in a mansion from the 14th century and have breakfast in a dear terrace. Or in a rural house with high ceilings and worked iron beds.

Praise Good Italian Cooking

At some of these farmhouses there are cookery classes and it’s here where I learned to cook Stracotto or ‘Pot Roast’. This a very popular weekend Sun. meal in Italy as well as in Great Britain and North America. The Italians serve it over a tasty noodles bed of pasta enriched with the Chianti wine sauce where the others serve it with potatoes. Here goes……

Stracotto ( serves 4-6 persons)

- 3 to four lbs. top round beef
- 4 thinly sliced garlic cloves
- three medium thinly chopped carrots
- 3 medium diced onions
- rosemary leaves
- 2 cut up celery stalks
- two cups water
- one lb. ripe tomatoes ( peel, seed and cut them )
- 1 fourth cup olive oil
- one and a half cup Chianti or dry red wine
- 1 tbsp. Softened butter
- 1 tbsp. flour
- salt as you like
- 1 lb. pasta of your choice

Roll and tie up beef and then make small holes to put the garlic into.

In a shallow pan, warm the oil and slowly cook the carrots, onions and celery till soft and add in the rosemary. Push these veggies to one side and put the meat roll in the middle and brown on all sides at the same time as you are sauting the veggies. Add in the tomatoes and when they’re getting soft, add the wine. Boil until the wine liquid has been consumed to about one half cup and add 1 and a half cup of water and let cook for almost one hour more. Separate the beef and veggies from the broth and let the meat cool. With remaining half cup of water mix the flour and the softened butter in with the broth and cook, consistently stirring it for 3 minutes. Slice meat and put the pasta and the sauce in the middle of the plate and 2 or 3 beef slices to one side and top with some more sauce if needed. Bon appetite!

This is just one of the Florence Italy recipes that I learned. Stay tuned for more!.

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