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Beautiful tuscany rentals

Tuscany, and its places at neighborhood are incredible with perfectly preserved hill towns, fabulous art, the most beautiful countryside imaginable, almost tropical coastal areas, great citiesĀ  top quality restaurants and food stores, possibly the best cafes in the world, and friendly and beautiful people.

The Tuscany Rentals you find are mostly surrounded by a large level garden that is ideal for children and where there is also a swimming pool. From the house there are lovely views of the surrounding countryside and the property is in a peaceful position and within easy reach. There is a tennis court on the estate and the house has TV, DVD and wi-fi system and pool towels are provided. The maid will be there who takes care of the villa will also do laundry for guests. These maids are an excellent cook, and on request are available to travelers for preparing local dishes. You will find the English speaking staff that is available to give assistance to clients.

The interiors of the Tuscany Rentals are particularly airy and spacious, with doors both to the courtyard and to the garden. The interiors have been furnished very comfortably with all modern amenities, including a relaxing room with Jacuzzi. The particular theme of the furniture of the dining room, with original metal armors and decorations reflects the owner’s passion for the history that adds a special atmosphere to the interiors.

A local woman will be happy to provide exquisite cooking services with Tuscan specialties, that all travelers will greatly enjoy. Guided tours of the estate and the castle, including Tuscan wine tasting, can also be arranged just for you. Many Tuscany Rentals have entrance through a big arcade; they have huge sitting room with arches opening both to the courtyard and the garden. They have large kitchen or dining room; TV room (with satellite TV), twin bedroom; bathroom with shower only; room with bread oven and laundry room. It also consists of master bedroom with en-suite bathroom. The sitting room contains fireplace and piano opening to a patio with table tennis.

The Internet has made it easy and quick to find vacation rentals all over the globe. With availability calendars and online payment systems at our fingertips; it is easy to book a holiday rental home to rent your farmhouse for your best vacations in Tuscany and with deeper internet search , people are finding vacation rentals less costly, roomy, serene, and more accommodating to families, kids, and senior citizens. Going on holidays is a magnificent thing to do, while you take a holiday, you have diverse things to take care about. After choosing your location, the next step is to look is to stay in a comfortable farmhouse, apartment, and villa rentals. Before booking, call out the manager of particular rental and ask about the rent, or any demand you have. Clear your all doubts and then stay in your favorite rental tension free. Wherever you travel in the world, you will never forget the time you spent in Tuscany because of its unconditional beauty and pleasure that will long last in your memory forever and ever.

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Find More San Gimignano Products

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Tuscany Holiday – for Beautiful Italian Holidays

One look at it and you feel like you are living a scene out of a fantasy tale. Tuscany charms you with everything, its architectural land, its aromatic vineyards and its striking smoothed hilltops. With moss covered ancient castles and sculpted landmarks, beautiful Tuscany with its snaking sandy roads is a fantastic vacation destination for all.


This attraction is a medieval town that offers sites like Piazza del Campo, tall bell tower, museums and cathedral and amazing narrow streets. When on a holiday in Tuscany, you can always enjoy a tour of Siena by walking and trailing through the streets of the town, as well as by climbing up till the top of the tower bell to cherish the magnificent view, the town offers.


Lucca is a city with a history that dates back to around 180 BC. Situated at the top of a Roman colony, this town acts as a tourist attraction, drawing tourist and visitors towards its walled construction as Lucca is a city enclosed with walls constructed in 16th century. From well preserved walls to towers, the town has so much to offer to those looking forwards to a great holiday in Tuscany. A 1900 year old roman amphitheatre, piazzas, churches, medieval constructions and delicacy rich restaurant offering Italian flavor are some of the reasons to add this city in your trip to Tuscany.


This Italian city lies at a distance of few kilometers from Tuscany and is worth taking a trip to, when on a holiday in Tuscany. A lot of tourist and visitors on their trip to Tuscany prefer to visit Florence for its rich architectural sites, the Piazza, baptistery, Duomo and museums flaunting best of arts, artifacts and paintings from eminent artists. The Renaissance architect always draws a lot of people every year.

Taste wine in Chianti

Tuscany is well known for its wines and Chianti wine region is a major attraction for tourist and visitors, looking forward to some wine tasting. Located between Siena and Florence, Chianti is a perfect way of enjoying a great day with red wines, breathtaking countryside view, scenic villages and wineries. On a trip to Tuscany, you must not forget to cherish the pleasure of Tuscany wines and views.


This world famous tourist attraction is located in the north of Tuscany and just 50 miles from Florence. Leaning tower of Pisa is a bell tower is known for its tilted construction, 300 steps of narrow stairs and a view worth taking the physical challenge. The tower also offers a medieval center, river, statues, parks and more for a great holiday.

San Gimignano

This tourist attraction is a city of towers situated on a hilltop and with a history that goes back to 10th century. The place used to pride 72 towers earlier, but today the town has 14 tower houses remaining and a best countryside view to offer.

Best time to visit or holiday in Tuscany

Best time to holiday in Tuscany is in the months of April to September.

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More than food in beautiful Tuscany, Italy – BBC

There’s more to do than just cook in this popular Italian destination. Tuscany Italy has breathtaking scenery and delicious food.
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5 Beautiful Villages in Tuscany

There are so many wonderful destinations in Tuscany that it’s difficult to know which you should visit on your vacation. All Tuscan villages have interesting restaurants, coffee shops and wine bars, but each has an amazingly varied and interesting history on show in their many buildings and museums.

If you are short of time on your vacation to Tuscany here is a small, diverse selection of villages and towns that will give you an excellent feel for the fascinating past and present of this stunning region of Italy.


The scenic village of Lucchio, in Lucca Province, with the sparse remains of its ruined medieval castle and quaint stone village houses, blends into the side of a mountain. The castle, dating back to the 11th century, was built to control the main road that followed the river Lima between Pistoia and Garfagnana.

Reached, with some effort, by walking up a narrow, winding road, this isolated, old stronghold blends in to the rocky outcrop so well that it is sometimes difficult to see where the rocky mountaintop ends and the village reborn from the castle ruins begins. The village streets are really just narrow walkways. From the old castle are stunning views of the Lima River Valley and surrounding villages.

San Casciano dei Bagni

Nestled in the Tuscan hills south of Siena, this traditional Tuscan hillside town has winding streets that lead to a hilltop tower. Places of interest include the Collegiata dei Santi Leonardo e Cassia, with its Gothic facade, the Fighine Castle, and the small church of San Michele Arcangelo, dating from 1191.

This picturesque town is the home of the thermal Fonteverde Spa, with roots dating back to the 17th century – the spa treatments include mud therapy, massage, and inhalations. There are 42 thermal springs in the surrounding countryside.


Known for its Brunello red and its extra-virgin olive oil, this small walled town, in the remote and steep countryside south of Siena, is renowned for The Duomo (San Salvatore). At the Piazza del Popolo you’ll find the Palazzo Comunale and the 14th-century La Loggia.

In the San Francesco church, renovated in the 18th-century, are frescoes by Vincenzo Tamagni. Just outside the town is the stunning Romanesque monastic church of Abbazia di Sant’Antimo.


Located in Val di Greve, between Florence and Siena, Greve comes alive during the September Greve Wine Festival, the region’s largest wine event. The old part of town features a triangular square, Piazza Giovanni da Verrazzano, where you can purchase fine local produce.

Medieval buildings here include the 11th-century Santa Croce Church, with paintings by Beato Angelico’s school, and a triptych by Bicci di Lorenzo. The former San Francesco convent now houses the Museo di Arte Sacra, with its important collection of paintings, sculptures, and religious artefacts. Just outside of the town is the Santo Stefano Church, which displays a Madonna with Child painting, dating from the 13th century.

San Gimignano

Known as the ‘medieval Manhattan’, this walled village lies 56 km south of Florence. The village itself was founded in the 6th century and is sited on the old route that pilgrims took, from Northern Europe to Rome. A famous feature of the village is the 13 remaining towers that date from1150. As well as these towers, which were built by the wealthy when the village was an important centre for trade, its walls, gates, and palaces are intact.

Sites of interest include The Duomo, The People’s Palace, The Museum of Sacred Art, and The Archaeological Museum. You can also visit a nearby winery to sample Tuscany’s famous white wine, Vernaccia di San Gimignano.

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