4 Must-Experience Activities in Tuscany, Italy

4 Must-Experience Activities in Tuscany, Italy

Enjoy a glass of vino while relaxing in the vineyard in which it was grown

Tuscany is the motherland of fine wines. Climate and soil seemingly purpose built for growing grapes mix with time-tested, palate-approved Tuscan techniques to create an unforgettable experience. Taste DOCG certified wines in the vineyards from which they came! The wine is amazing, but equally important is your sommelier. Enjoy your experience with Romeo Innocenti of Tuscan Way as he guides you through the many different types of Tuscan wines. On your next Tuscany wine tour drinking wine from in the vineyard from which it came is a must do.

Listen to a tall tale told by a native Tuscan

Since the Legend of King Rachis and even before, Italy has been full of great stories and cheerful locals eager to find a listening ear. While in Tuscany visitors must be sure to hear a native, true Tuscan spin a story about days long past. From political happenings to tales of love lost and rekindled there is a story for every guest. Enjoy a tall glass of wine with your new Tuscan soul mate as he or she regales you with stories that happened in the very same castles, villas, and vineyards that you will be spending time in during your Tuscany food and wine holiday.

Have a sweet dream while resting in a historic Tuscan abode

Dreams are the window into our souls. There is no better place on Earth to have a pleasant dream than in a medieval Tuscan home, charming inn, or sprawling country villa. Only the very best Tuscany tour operators have exclusive access to some of the best estates Tuscany has to offer. Lay your head down in Carlo Innocenti’s private home as you drift off into sleep. Casa Innocenti , perched on a hill next to the village castle, is a perfect place to unwind after a full day of Italian food and wine. La Locanda Del Prete, Carlo’s inn in Southern Tuscany, offers a striking view of Arcidosso as you drift off. Guests can also opt for staying in the Villa Gaia Estate, which offers luxury accommodations surrounded by olive groves. Wherever choose to rest after your days in Tuscany, you are sure to have a magical experience on your Italian food and wine tour.

Share a fine Italian dinner with a Tuscan Master Chef

Master Chef Carlo Innocenti is waiting for you to join him in Tuscany. With him he brings secret family recipes (that you just might be able to get him to share) and wine pairings that match the cuisine perfectly. Enjoy made-from-scratch pasta and rich and creamy risotto prepared right in front of your eyes. You have had Italian food before, but never like this. You can feel your taste buds dancing once you catch a whiff of some of Tuscany’s gastronomic delights. Sharing a dinner with the master chef that prepared it is an experience you can’t miss on your next Tuscany food holiday.

The authors of this article would like to thank Tuscan Way, the leader in Tuscany food and wine tours, for sharing their story with us. For more about Tuscan food and wine holidays please contact Tuscan Way at www.tuscanway.com or by calling 800-766-2390. Your Tuscan dream holiday awaits.

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