Cooking Tours of Tuscany Create Memories of a Lifetime

Cooking is a passion for many worldwide. Learning recipes from different regions of the world enables chefs to tour the globe without ever leaving the kitchen. Of all varieties, Italian cooking is perhaps the most enjoyed and studied. Amateur and advanced chefs alike both work hard to master the preparation of exotic Italian dishes. Even within Italy itself the culinary styles vary greatly, with Tuscany generally being renowned as the best. Tuscan cooking focuses on simple yet delicious dishes which combine simple, fresh ingredients with advanced cooking techniques. There is no better way to learn the art of Tuscan cooking than a cooking tour of Tuscany.

Visitors to Tuscany who opt for a quality guided tour will learn the culinary arts from experienced local chefs. Chefs, guides, and sommeliers will accompany guests to local markets to discover how to pick the perfect ingredients and match them to a proper wine. Tuscan cooking style requires lot of fresh vegetables, spices and wine, all readily available in Tuscany. Many of the recipes for Tuscan style cooking which guests learn have been passed through generations and these dishes are cooked in the same manner as they were cooked thousands of years ago.

On a cooking tour of Tuscany , guests learn to cook side by side with their host chefs. Chefs are happy to offer constant guidance and supervision, offering expert instruction in a fun atmosphere. Cooking classes are generally best taught in small groups so that everyone can get complete attention from the chef and learn to cook in the authentic Tuscan style.

Along with cooking, a tour to Tuscany would not be complete without a visit to Italian wine orchards and wine cellars in Tuscany. Visitors will enjoy a sampling of famous Italian wines. Once the cooking classes are over, there is quite a lot to explore in the quaint towns and villages of Tuscany, which are filled with beautiful villas, sprawling meadows and friendly people.

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