The medieval town of San Gimignano (SI) Tuscany Italy

San Gimignano is a small medieval hill town in the province of Siena Italy. It is listed by UNESCO as a world heritage. It still conserves its characteristics as a medieval town. Some old towers are still standing here. This town is also famous for the White Wine “Vernaccia di San Gimignano” grown in this area. Originally it was founded as a small village by the Etruscans during the 3rd century BC. The name of the town is given in honor of the Bishop Saint Giminianus of the 10th century AD who had defended the town from Attila’s Huns. In the middle ages and renaissance it is crossed by the so-called Via Francigena, the road of pilgrims from Canterbury to Rome and Vatican so this place was used as a stop-over. St. Fina was born here in 1238 AD. Her birth house is still standing here. She died in March 12, 1253 so her feast day here is celebrated on March 12 of every year. On May 8, 1300 it hosted Dante Alighieri as an Ambassador of the Guelph League in Tuscany. The town flourished until the year 1348 AD. Its status as a touristic and artistic resort began to be recognized during the 19th century. In our times it is always full of tourists from every part of the globe. I often come here to buy some bottles of Vernaccia like today. Pablo Bisquera.
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A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to San Gimignano, Italy by TravelPod blogger Carnold titled “San Gimignano” Carnold’s travel blog entry: “Sleeping in was awesome, though that came as no surprise. We actually got up for a quick breakfast, fell back asleep a couple times, and finally rolled out of bed and got ready for our trip into the actual town of San Gimignano (which I’m going to refer to as G-Town from here on out since I’m tired out typing out San Gimignano.) G-Town is another walled hill town known mainly for its distinct skyline due to its towers. Though it originally had 70+ towers, most were torn down and only 14 remain. The remaining towers make for fun picture taking though. Since we had a light breakfast, Caitlin and I headed straight for food as soon as we arrived. Lunch was pizza for me (of course) and pasta with saffron for Caitlin since the saffron is one of the things G-Town is known for. The pizza was delicious and a good imitation of Sbarro’s authentic Italian pizza. After lunch, we walked all across the city following Rick Steves’ guided walk with Caitlin narrating from the guidebook (if ever she decides to quit personal training, I’m going to encourage her to become a professional reader…maybe a career recording books on tape…hmm.) We finally gave in and bought an umbrella since apparently we took the Bay Area’s fall weather with us when we left for Italy (you average 5 days of rain in September, Italy? Really? REALLY!?) I found