Countryside Vs. City Tuscany Apartments: Which One Should I Choose?

Tuscany apartments are always very much sought after by travelers all over the world. A great portion of those visiting Tuscany every year decides to reside in an apartment as the best choice over hotels and other kinds of accommodation rentals. The reasons are easily found in greater price to quality ratio, versatile locations both in the countryside and in the city, plenty of comforts, homelike feel, and a nearby helping hand for every necessity.

However, should you choose among Tuscany apartments in the countryside or those in a city or town setting? There are few points to ponder to answer this question.

What is your first aim during your holiday?

Are you going to be in your home relaxing, waking up late, having a long breakfast, reading your book, diving in the pool and sun tanning, letting the day drift away in total oblivion of the world? Then a countryside apartment certainly is what you need. If however you plan on being an early bird that cannot miss to visit at least all the important cultural and popular milestones of a Tuscan town or city, then of course the city setting is for you.

Do you value most tranquillity or convenience?

If observing the intricate branches of a beautiful oak in Tuscany sets you in a good mood, while strolling along Florence admiring the many Renaissance monuments makes you dizzy after a while, the countryside is for you. Also consider that in the city you will have all conveniences at your easy reach, while countryside Tuscany apartments may be a little remote and every necessity may require you to jump in a car. On the other side, city apartments are often without an elevator, so stay light with your luggage, your apartment may be on the fifth floor!


Usually city apartments are just a tad more expensive than country ones. The reason could be because there is so much choice of splendid countryside Tuscany apartments. Also, city apartments may provide a greater degree of privacy as you are in a condo versus a farmhouse with other guests. On the other hand you are very unlikely to get a swimming pool in the city, which usually makes for a nice spot where to cool off the summer heat spells.


If you have a family with kids, then you should consider the countryside. Tuscany apartments are always surrounded by a large garden, most often containing an orchard, olive groves, grass fields and safe games for children. The territory is usually made safe for children, although you can always make sure it is by asking the farmhouse owner.

I hope this brief comparison between Tuscany apartments in the city and in the countryside has helped you clarify which should be your next accommodation rental in Tuscany.

Christine of Tuscany apartments is a private travel consultant that has an extensive experience on Tuscany accommodation rentals. She lives in Tuscany and has four wonderful kids.

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