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Art Marketing Success

Art Marketing Success
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Global Treasures San Gimignano Tuscany, Italy

Global Treasures San Gimignano Tuscany, Italy

San Gimignano Surrounded by a double wall that dates back to medieval times and amid the gentle undulating hills of Tuscany is the town of San Gimignano with its striking15 towers that were built by competing aristocratic families. The towers were considered to be of great prestige and also provided a means of defence.Competition to construct the tallest tower became increasingly fierce until a special decree curtailed the mindless indulgence of the local aristocracy. The town’s prosperity came

List Price: $ 14.95


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Free Italy Travel Guides Available on

(PRWEB) July 7, 2010

History and Palace Hotels offers a selection of Italian hotels and mansions rich in cultural and historical features. The charme and elegance of these old mansions combined with the courtesy of the staff are the distinguishing features of these little gems embedded in the most famous art cities or in small towns rich in history.

To allow users to dig deeper into history, culture and traditions in Italy, Histlory and Palace Hotels is now offering a series of free guides about major destinations such as Rome, Venice, Florence and Tuscany.

The Rome Travel Guide includes articles about the Colosseo and Piazza Navona, Città del Vaticano and Domus Aurea, without forgetting the ruins of Ostia Antica and the XIX century architecture in EUR.

The Venice Travel Guide includes articles about Piazza San Marco and the Ponte dei Sospiri, Murano, Burano and Torcello islands, as well as Venice’s Giudecca and Arsenale.

The Florence Travel Guide includes articles about all the wonders of Piazza della Signoria and Michelangelo’s David, the breathtaking panorama in Fiesole, the masterpieces in the Uffizi Gallery.

The Tuscany Travel Guide includes articles about the medioeval towers in San Gimignano, the Pinocchio Park in Collodi, without forgetting the wonderful walk on the walls in Lucca.

To receive further information and download the free travel guides, please visit the official website of History and Palace Hotels:


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Villa Rental Tuscany: Grandiosity Versus Affordability

Villa rental in Tuscany may pose as a bit of a dilemma to the first time traveler to the region. First of all there are many vacation villas to choose from in Tuscany alone (and yes, all of the villas in the region come with their own swimming pools.) Choosing a place to visit would be your first priority, for Tuscany is indeed sprawling with historical sites and unique natural places. You cannot hope to cover all of Tuscany’s historical places or more interesting sites in one day’s journey.

On the other hand, if you are simply seeking for a plush home to simply sit back and relax, knowing which part of Italy you want to visit may help you find a quiet location that is both affordable, but still fits into your relaxation and recreational needs.

If you are seeking some R&R near the water, you may want to avail the services of a villa rental in Tuscany that is near the sea, and those that can offer you different water sports amenities like scuba diving and jet skiing. If you are more into wine and wine tasting, there are villa rental in Tuscany that are near vineyards, and caters to wine tasting group tours. If you are more into nature trekking, there are villa rental in Tuscany that are near the mountains and hills-a perfect paradise getaway that remains unspoiled even to this day.

Undoubtedly, the prices of villa rental in Tuscany are affected by which region you choose to stay in; the more popular destination places charges higher. You can choose from the different areas like: Arezzo-Cortona, Chianti, Florence, Florentine Hills, Lucca, Maremma, Montecatini, San Gimignano and Siena. Peak tourist seasons like Christmas and summer holidays also dictates the prices of villa rental in Tuscany.

The size and special packages included with each vacation offer also affects the price of any rental villa. Some people opt for the complete opulent package, from the horse-drawn carriages to the vast parklands, to the multi-staffed halls that are on your beck and call 24 hours a day for all the days you are staying there. Others prefer the villas that can house more than 50 people at any given time; and this is perfect for those holding their weddings or business congress in Tuscany.

If you are on a more limited budget, however, there are other alternatives to the really grandiose villas in the region. There are smaller villas just on outside the outskirts of town that have the same ambience as the large 20-acre villas. These smaller villas are more personalized and are often owned and staffed by the original families who have lived there since time immemorial.

If you want to save a lot of money but still want to enjoy all that Tuscany has to offer, make sure that you book your reservations months early. Also, if you have a favorite villa rental in Tuscany, you may want to patronize this place repeatedly and gain discounts for subsequent use as a frequent visitor.

When Katia Lorenzen checked out the holiday villas in Tuscany, she thought she was in heaven. Now she tells friends about this great resource about Tuscany villa rentals:

Article from

Executive Chef Paolo Lafata shows you how to prepare one of Olive Garden’s most popular dishes. Inspired by recipes from the heart of Tuscany, the dish features herb-seasoned chicken breasts sautéed with oven-roasted garlic, sweet roasted red peppers and spinach. It is finished with a white wine and garlic cream sauce and tossed with curly fettuccine, known as eleiche or mafaldina in Italian. It’s sure to be a favorite with your family! View and print the complete recipe at:

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Holidays In Tuscany Villas Is All About Finding That Perfect Package

What’s so special about spending holidays in Tuscany villas? There are many, many reasons we can tell you. Tuscany is a region of outstanding beauty, both in its natural and man-made structures. It is an enchanting place with the Tuscan people quite welcoming. The ambience alone of the region is enough to entice you to stay–at least longer than just a weekend.

It is also a treasure chest of historical finds and cultural resources. Spending a vacation in a Tuscany villa can be further enhanced by the fact that this region is known for its excellent local cuisine and equally exceptional wines. And what better way to take in all that Tuscany has to offer than to spend a comfortable time in one of the many villas in the region. Villas in Tuscany go from grand to fantastic. Some of them can even house very large parties for events like weddings and / or business congresses.

Your holiday in Tuscany villas can afford you all the luxury and convenience you can possibly dream of. This is far better than spending a few measly days in hotel that give does not give you that privacy and quiet time you might desire. Many tour and vacation packages offer a unique collection of self-catering holiday homes for you to use. Some of the more elaborate villas in Tuscany have swimming pools at your disposal. Others are more rustic and embedded deep into mountainous landscapes for those that seek quiet retreats. Others are situated into working vineyards or olive groves.

If you are thinking of spending your holidays in Tuscany, there are many that can be found in prime locations, in quality properties and with additional amenities like welcome gift packs upon your arrival and a first class service from a full luxury home staff. Perhaps, the first thing that you should do is scour the Internet as to where you want to spend your vacation in, how long you would like to stay and at what price range you are willing to pay for. Early reservations can actually help you earn discount in vacation packages.

If you are also thinking of a more active holiday in one of Tuscany’s villas, you may want to consult the different vacation offers (and even the villa owners or renters themselves) as to what activity they may offer while you are staying there. Some offer cooking courses, wine tasting trips, historical walking tours, religious walking tours, or adventure seeking. Holidays in Tuscany villas is synonymous with luxury, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t seek a bit of fun while you are relaxing. Check the calendar also for what possible holidays you can attend during your stay.

Tuscany holidays can be a blast, and certainly, everyone is invited to join. Unfortunately, during these holidays, the influx of tourists surge to incredible numbers, and without proper reservation, you just might find yourself out on the street, waiting in line among those seeking lodging in hotels and small apartments for rent. Your holiday in a Tuscan villa can also be penny-wise, especially if you book your stay during the off-peak tourist season. Frequent visitors also get discounts. Everything just seems special when you spend holidays in Tuscany villas.

When Katia Lorenzen stayed at a holiday in tuscany villas, she thought she was in heaven. Now she tells friends about this great resource to plan holiday in Tuscany villas:

Article from

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Dream Theater – The Count of Tuscany

Review of the song according to The final track continues the silver lined journey that the second half of the album takes on. Petrucci opens with a beautiful acoustic intro with a soothing lead layered on top. Several bars before the full band enters, the guitar frolics with clean natural harmonics. Soon, Rudess keyboards and Petrucci’s leads [2:18] erupt off of each other in a magical yet mysterious manner. At 3:20 the song begins the pounding and progressive heaviness that DT tends to display before the main verses enter. There is a fairly complex rhythm pattern that LaBrie lays his voice over. The scary guy voice returns with the pre-chorus lyric “let me introduce…” Honestly, I have not been a fan of this style throughout the record. The one place where the scary voice works well is during the choruses of this track, more specifically the beginning that contains the accented “I.” Additionally, the chorus contains one of the catchiest vocal melodies on Black Clouds. There is an interesting Nintendo-type sound [7:07] produced by the guitar which you would expect to hear on a DragonForce song; it sounds like Mario is about to warp through a pipe on Level 1-2. As always, the second and third verses loosely follow the format of verse one, another DT trademark, before the pre-chorus scary guy bridge and chorus. A powerful display of rhythm [9:23] takes form prior to the main instrumental section. Petrucci then delivers a melodic solo about a minute later
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From the 2007 album “Super Taranta!” Thanks to Bossanostra for the pics: Multi Kontra Culti vs. Irony JUF JUF Tamir Muskat Everything is Illuminated Balkan Beat Box Side One Dummy SideOneDummy

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San Gimignano Italy

San Gimignano is a small walled medieval hill town in Tuscany, Italy, about a 35-minute drive northwest of Siena or southwest of Florence. It is mainly famous for its medieval architecture, especially its towers, which may be seen from several miles outside the town. The town also is known for the white wine, Vernaccia di San Gimignano, grown in the area.
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Tuscany Writers Conference to be Held in Lucca, Tuscany, Italy

(PRWEB) January 23, 2008

The Tuscany Writers Conference ( will help writers develop their craft while offering priceless insight into how talented writers become published authors. Join us June 7 – 14 at an extraordinary writing event on a breathtaking 15th century estate near the romantic town of Lucca, Italy.

The conference faculty boasts outstanding presenters including best-selling author Phil Doran (The Reluctant Tuscan), respected literary agents, and Managing Editor Allan Fallow of AARP Books.

Exclusive access to first class publishing experts at networking events and private one-on-one sessions make this event an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Daily workshops by award-winning experts help jumpstart the creative process and give valuable insight into the publishing world; then you can enjoy uninterrupted time to write surrounded by the natural beauty of the grounds. Social events, excursions, cooking lessons and an on-site Writer’s Café are a memorable part of the event.

The Basic Package begins at 1,950 Euro. It includes premium accommodation, ground transportation, all meals, welcome and farewell gala dinners, daily writing workshops and presentations, one-on-one access to presenters, a trip to the estate shepherdess for pecorino and ricotta cheese making, plus you will learn to make your own limoncello from the luscious estate lemon trees. A 500 Euro single supplement will apply.

For 2,450 Euro, the premium Taste of Tuscany package includes all of the above, plus a cooking class with our local, grandmother-trained gourmet Tuscan chef, a “Slow Food” tour of the Garfagnana Mountains, a guided tour of Lucca, a Puccini concert and a wine-tasting tour. A 500 Euro single supplement will apply.

Day passes are also available for 900 Euro, and include a full week of workshops, lunches, plus our welcome and farewell gala dinners.

This event will radiate creativity, relaxation and inspiration. After all, magnificent Tuscany is noted as the birthplace of Puccini, Dante and da Vinci. We invite you to take advantage of this superb writer’s getaway!

For more information and photos go to:

The phone number in Italy is 011-39-346-314-9809; in the U.S. 1-877-847-7852

Tuscany Writers Conference

Lucca, Tuscany, Italy

June 7-14, 2008

Presented by SoulWorker Productions


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san gimignano

from the tower
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Oh! A Gay & Lesbian Experiential Journey to Tuscany Filled with Romance, Chocolate and Fine Cuisine

Chandler, AZ (PRWEB) November 6, 2005

In the fall of 2006, Oh! Vacation will lead two groups, one for women and the other for men, into the heart of the Tuscan region of Italy. This experiential journey to Tuscany will allow each person to immerse themselves in the culture, and let the natural rhythm and pace of the location take over. It is about letting go of the real world we all live in, where there is hustle and bustle, lots of stress, and instead letting the ambiance fill the soul.

Hallmarked as an “experiential journey”, this adventure is for gays and lesbians of all ages, who love to walk, enjoy meeting new people and are passionate about culture, art, cuisine, and history. Both excursion’s will visit all the best cities and towns that Tuscany has to offer, including San Gimignano, Siena, Chianti, Greve, Radda, Florence, Lucca, and Pisa.

“There will definitely be a pastoral flare to each trip,” said Gloriana Hunter of OH! Vacation. The groups will be taken to parts of the Tuscany region where little has changed since the medieval ages. They will experience wine from vineyards and olive oil from groves that have existed for hundred of years.

First-class accommodations will include two nights in Rome and six nights in Montecatini, a northern Tuscan city famous for its spas. The trip will allow ample free time mixed with day tours that include wine-tasting, olive oil tasting and even chocolate tasting. There will also be an authentic Tuscan cuisine cooking lesson, taught by an Italian chef. Breakfast is included every morning, as well as 4 dinners and 2 lunches.

The OH! Vacation to Tuscany costs $ 2,495 per person and includes international airfare. The women’s trip is scheduled for August 7-16, 2006 and a men’s trip is scheduled for September 18-26, 2006. In keeping with the Oh! business practice, both couples and singles are welcome. The company policy is that singles pay the same price as couples and are very welcome on any trip. OH! Vacation helps match roommates so that no single person is left paying more unless they specifically desire a room to themselves.

Oh! The wine.

Oh! The food.

Oh! The chocolate.

Oh! What better place for romance than Tuscany!

Reservations can be made online at, or by calling OH! Vacation toll free to (877) 457-9297.

About OH! Vacation (

OH! Vacation focuses on experiential world journeys for the GLBT community and is a division of Odyssey Vacation, a full-service travel agency located in the greater Phoenix metro area.


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