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Ross Hotels, a new hotel company for Chianti and Tuscany

With the opportunity of the forthcoming opening of Palazzo San Lorenzo, a new, magnificent four-star hotel converted from an old palace in the historical center of Colle Val d’Elsa, the family Rossinelli decided to capitalize on its decade of experience in the field of hospitality by creating a new brand, the Ross Hotels Group.

The Adventure of the family Rossinelli in the hotel began in 1996 with the opening of the “Ultimo Mulino”, a charming hotel in Gaiole in Chianti and continues in 2001 and 2005 with the openings of Palazzo Leopoldo and Palazzo San Niccolò, two structures of considerable charm, produced in buildings of great historical value in the heart of Radda in Chianti. The idea that push the family Rossinelli was to enter in the hospitality business with Chianti Hotels, offering suitable accommodations, respecting and reflecting the natural elegance of the territory and right to receive different types of tourists interested in visiting these areas.
The love of the family for the hospitality led in the short time the three structures to reach a wide reputation internationally, especially for the quality of hospitality and services, also testified by the consistently achieved top positions in web-sites become absolute reference points for travelers, as Tripadvisor.

Ross Hotels Group was established with the dual intention of becoming a reference point for people who look for relax, comfort and functionality in a Hotel Tuscany, and a guarantee of quality for all travelers who wish to live the Chianti in its highest intensity. The company does not offer a hospitality with generic standards of service, but the group exists thanks to the territory and the love for it, letting the guests know and live it every moment of his stay with extremely personalized services and treatments for each guest in order to offer to everyone the highest quality of hospitality.

The structure of Colle val d’Elsa fits perfectly in this project, with the careful renovation of a building of historical value in the heart of the fortified city and services designed for every need, including a spa of 420 sqm, with a location central to all the major points of attraction of Tuscany, including San Gimignano, Siena and Florence.

Ross Hotels Group

Tel: +39 0577/738181
Fax: + 39 0577/738031
E-Mail: info[at]

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While in Florence, my dad & I took a day trip to do some wine tasting and visit San Gimignano. http Music by Erik Lundgren, “Owe”
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First timer’s guide to Tuscany

Tuscany is a region in Italy with the regional capital Florence. It is majorly rural area, covered with vineyards, olive groves and forests. There are mountains and valleys and sea on one side.

The best time to visit Tuscany is May, September and October, ie during the spring season. During the summers, without rain, Tuscany becomes too hot and humid. In winters, the days might be pleasant, but nights become extremely cold. The most hot and humid month in Tuscany is July, hence better not to travel in the month.

Traveling to Tuscany is easier by air. There are international flights upto Milan or Rome, and there are cabs for hire from there to reach any destination in Tuscany. Tuscany is approximately three hours drive from Milan or Rome. Florence, Pisa and Grosseto have rail stations, so you can reach the area by train as well.

Suites are available at very reasonable cost in most of the Tuscany hotels. Cortona hotels come highly recommended. If you do not want to stay in a hotel, you can make your Tuscany vacations memorable by opting to stay in a farmhouse as well. Staying in a farmhouse gives you an opportunity to live life the Tuscany way- helping with the chores of the farmhouse, enjoying home cooked food and seeing places as well.

When in Tuscany there are a lot of things to do. Every town in Tuscany has a cathedral. Every one of them is very beautiful that you cannot miss even one of them. The leaning tower of Pisa is a symbol of Italy known worldwide. In Florence, there is David, Michelangelo’s masterpiece. The best art collection of renaissance may be seen in Uffizi gallery. There are several castles spread around in Tuscany as well. You can pay a visit to them and experience several hundreds of years in the past. There are vineyards and areas which are famous for their wines. It is worthwhile paying a visit to the vineyard and tasting some of the best wines in the world. You may spend some time relaxing at the beach and if interested in marine biology, visit the marine parks. If interested in cooking, there are cooking classes offered of the Tuscany cuisine. And if your intention of the vacation is of leisure, then there are health spas. If you are the adventurous type, there are games as well. Windsurfing, paragliding, mountain biking and trekking are all offered under professional guidance.

Visiting Tuscany at least once is absolutely necessary. It is a vacation you are never going to forget. Holidays in Tuscany is where the time stands still and you feel rejuvenated inside out.

I am an SEo writer

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The farm house Il Cafaggio at Valdottavo in Tuscany, near Lucca, Italy

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a short guide to the most charming region in Italy

As one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe, Tuscany attracts more and
more visitors each year. Like other popular tourist regions, Tuscany, too, offers a wide
range of attractions, many sights and different landscapes. This diversity makes Tuscany
a holiday area for every taste and an ideal destination for the most different kinds of
holidays to opt for such as individual holidays, group vacations, family trips and couple

First of all, it is the mild climate throughout the year and the beautiful and picturesque
landscape of Tuscany which fascinates many travellers. The rich flora and fauna includes
pine trees, cork trees, lavender, thyme, rosemary, vineyards and olive groves. The color-
ful flower fields and the country roads lined with cypress trees are a delight for the eye
and give this region a nostalgic and romantic atmosphere and impart a very special Me-
diterranean charm no visitor can escape. Further tourist hot spots in Tuscany are the nu-
merous beautiful bathing beaches and the various day trip destinations. Due to its proxi-
mity to Liguria, vacationers can choose between many interesting and worthwhile places
of excursions.

But it is also the culinary delights of Tuscany, its eventful history and its rich culture
which constitute further attractions of this region in Italy. The many interesting cities
such as Florence, Pisa, Siena and San Gimignano and their sights and art treasures are
an obligatory destination not only for the culturally interested traveller but for everyone.
Especially those visitors who want to immerse themselves deeper into European art his-
tory and Italian Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque architecture should plan an excur-
sion to one of these cities.

A place which shouldn’t be missed during a holiday in Tuscany is the city of Lucca. Lo-
cated in the valley of the Serchio River and northeast of Pisa, it is a good starting point
for visiting many beautiful destinations. Worthwhile sights of Lucca are the Duomo of
San Martino, the Piazza Napoleone, the Piazza San Michele, the Anfiteatro, the church
of San Michele in Foro and the Chiesa di San Frediano. Other local attractions include
the various museums of the city such as the Museo Nazionale Guinigi and the Museo e
Pinacoteca Nazionale.

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Tuscany – Siena and San Gimignano – June 2007
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Vacation in Italy

Italy is historically rich, bold, romantic and colorful. Italy is keystone of today’s western culture. Italy is agriculturally rich country. Its countryside is a prolific producer of fruit, vegetables and livestock. Also culturally rich, Italy has created the world’s best art, architecture, music and literature. Italy’s greatest wealth is its people. People here are sociable, charming that seem to know how to do everything bigger and better. They are lively, gregarious and have ardor for everything they do. They are expressive because they show their emotions more freely than most and are not reluctant to give hugs, kisses, and other displays of affection. Italians love to laugh and talk loudly, usually giving stress on everything using hand gestures. They are not at all reluctant to welcome strangers into their towns and homes, and are always all set to share a meal or a story, a good joke or song etc. They love their food, their families, their music and custom. They display confidence, charisma and hospitality. Italy has received more attention from tourist in the last decade than any other European country. For these reasons tourist will find that vacation in italy is most memorable experience of their life.

There are wonderful places like famous Rome, picturesque Venice, cultural Florence, and the wonderful coastlines of Amalfi and Italy’s distinctive islands. The most famous place of Italy is Tuscany. It is without doubt considered the most beautiful region in Italy because of its landscapes and its artistic legacy. In 1860 Tuscany became a part of Italy. Pisa is the budget airline doorway to Tuscany, but Florence also has its own airport. Rome and Bologna Forli are other options with excellent transport links to Tuscany. Tuscany is a place where best italy vacation rental can be found. The main railways running through Tuscany are the Rome-Pisa-Genoa-Turin line and the Rome-Florence-Bologna-Milan line, which provide quick and well-organized connections with the rest of Italy. Tuscany’s smaller towns are well-connected by bus.

Florence is Tuscany’s crown, with its beautiful buildings, rich history, priceless art and distinctive atmosphere .For decades Tuscany has been the dream holiday for many travelers all over. Minor Tuscan destinations which are famous with holidaymakers include Lucca,San Gimignano area.San Gimignano has been called a “medieval Manhattan and people group to this tiny village to see the popular skyscrapers. If you arrive here before 9:30 am you will see the village as it was meant to be seen, i.e., tranquil and peaceful, localities enjoying their first cappuccino of the day as they contemplate an active day ahead. This place will be packed with tourist At 9:30 the buses begin to park outside the ancient walls and the day trippers start coming. All day there will be a steady stream, arriving frequently in groups of 20 or so.

Whether they live in a large city or a tiny village, the people of Italy work hard and take pleasure in their free time. Walking through the narrow streets of Florence, gliding along on a gondola in Venice, or riding a bicycle through a tiny northern town, any tourist will notice that the Italian people have homes that are simple and practical, but beautiful and vibrant. Probably because it offers diverse italy vacation package that makes vacationing here more popular.

Vacation in Italy, is a good place to start your vacation. You can start their vacation planning selecting Italy vacation rentals and popular itineraries, choosing from a wide range of Italy vacation packages. You may further customize it to suit their requirements and conveniences. You can view some of the most beautiful places in Italy dating from the period of the Venetian merchants.

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Web Hosting & Free Domain Registration

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Memories of Tuscany That Will Endure


It would be very surprising to me when the area of Tuscany was mentioned during any conversation, all within hearing distance wouldn’t have a warm, romantic feeling just from hearing the word. The area has been an extremely popular for holidays for decades, however, with the movie “Under The Tuscan Sun” starring Diane Lane and the burgeoning career of one of the world’s most famous Italian tenors, Andrea Bocelli, born and raised in Tuscany about 40 km. south of Pisa, Tuscany has become even more well known and visited if that is possible. “Under The Tuscan Sun” was filmed in Cortona, a town which is in the southern area of Tuscany and Mr Bocelli, to this day, calls Tuscany his home and lives there full time whenever he is not performing.


Where is Tuscany? Tuscany is in the north central part of Italy with it’s capital being Florence and very easily accessible by both international or local flights. So if you wish to make a tour of Italy and include Tuscany or want to go directly there to experience the romance, history and, of course, the food for an extended period, the choice is yours.


It has been said that Florence alone would be reason enough to want to see this area of the world but there is so much more. Florence is surrounded by the lush, green rolling hills, like those of Chianti and undulating ridges of the Apennines and by the summits of the Apuan Alps. The scenery is alluring and breathtaking at the same time. The Tuscan region is knee deep in sites that you have heard about all your life, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Seina with it’s Piazza del Campo and the legendary Palio, Arezzo, Livorno, Lucca and Chianti, ah Chianti, with all their attractions and sites which is probably understating the facts.


One of the most memorable things that will linger in your mind for quite some time is the authentic Italian cuisine which we all try to reproduce on our return to our homes

but it just dosen’t seem to match the quality that we experienced in Tuscany. Well, there is an answer to this dilema.


Nestled in the Chianti hills is a villa which dates back to the 1100s. It was later turned into an aristocratic villa which was to guard the road to Rome. The villa stands as it has, literally, for hundreds of years but today it is the home of some people who want to preserve that marvelous Tuscan Italian cuisine and teach these age old techniques to visitors to the region who wish to retain the ability to produce these delicious dishes for their families.


The two main principals of this villa are Chef Tina and Chef Manuela. Manuela was born and raised in the lovely town of Impruneta just outside of Florence while Tina was born in Chicago, Illinois and has been living between the USA and Italy all her life. Their love for cooking has grown out of family tradition and lifetime friendships. They raised their families in this gorgeous villa. They ate at each others homes with many friends and family.


What is it that these two ladies have to offer to the Tuscany visitor? The answer is in the kitchen. Manuela and Tina provide the expertice to teach a one day cooking class to a maximun of 6 people per class where they use a hands on method of showing the skills of traditional Tuscany cooking to their visitors from the shopping for the ingredients, through the class, and to the ultimate finale, eating the meal itself with some very tasty wines from the cellars of the Chianti region which you may also visit if you desire. Just ask Tina and Manuela.


The villa does not provide lodging for visitors at this time but the in future will provide the ability for patrons to stay at the villa possibly as soon as next year. These very friendly people are also available to assist you in finding a very appropriate lodging in the area of Tuscany. After all, they were raised and have lived here for many years and know the region exceedingly well. Their knowledge is to your advantage as they will provide information to you so that you may enjoy your stay even more.


The course consists of appetisers that are typical of the Tuscan cuisine, crostini, bruschetta, famous Chianti bread soups like ribollita or pappa al pomodoro and two or three main courses, consisting of home made pasta that will then be elaborated into fresh

tagliatelli, lasagne, Gnocchi, or ravioli. Then there are the side dishes and , of course, Italian desserts such as tiramisu, chocolate rum cake and bricotti di prato. All this served with selected Chianti wines. It just makes one salivate just thinking about such a culinary delight.


One of the best things regarding these cooking classes is that it can be a family affair. The children can participate in the classes or they can be looked after by the entertainers…the chef’s daughters.


Manuela and Tina offer this statement of their philosophy: “Learning to cook is much more than a recipe and some technique….it’s a synergy of passion and tradition”!


How great can this world be? Just take a trip to Tuscany and soak up the romance, beauty and friendliness of this magnificent region; her lush green hills and valleys, her mountains, her history, her rivers, her art and culture and last but certainly not least, her traditional Tuscany Italian cuisine which can be yours for ever if you choose to make it so.


Manuela and Tina extend an invitation to you when you travel to this must see area of the world. Then when you hear or thalk about the region of Tuscany, you will get that warm, romantic feeling from personal experience.


If you wish more information on trips of this nature, contact Bruce Pickett at 866-554-5353 or go to this web site

If you would like to get more information on the villa and the great classes on Italian Tuscan cuisine, you can go to

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Why Holidays In Tuscany Can Fulfil All Needs

Tuscany can be considered one of the most unique and distinctive regions in all of Italy, perfect for a variety of holidays it amazes and enthrals visitors at every turn. There is a wealth of historic sites and huge amounts of art and culture to see in Tuscany, meaning those on holidays in the region have their cultural and educational taste buds satisfied. It is not just art and history that should fill holidays in Tuscany however, with sumptuous cuisine and truly wondrous rustic villages dotted around the countryside, Tuscany can be considered the quintessential Italian province.

The major city of Tuscany is Florence; the architectural masterpiece should form a part of all holidays in the region. As the home of the famed Medici clan it was one of the centres, if not the centre of the renaissance in terms of artistic and scientific thought. Great thinkers and scientists such as Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci and Raphael were all bankrolled by the Medici and as such their works are still visible in the city today. The city however fills every year during the season of holidays; some estimates reckon that during the high season the population of Florence almost doubles, while you will definitely want to see this renaissance centre, it is advisable to include some more sedate attractions in your holiday to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

As well as Florence, holidays in Tuscany should include a visit to Siena. Slightly less busy than Florence it gives visitors the chance to see wonderful examples of medieval architecture. The fan shaped piazza is worthy of note as is the annual horse race that brings a carnival atmosphere to the city. Siena sits in the heart of the Chianti wine making region so for those who want to include wine in their holidays, it is an essential stopping place sitting in amongst the clay hills and gently sloped valleys.

One of the most beautiful cities in Tuscany is San Gimignano, this city is referred to by the locals as the ‘city of towers’ and this name is quite apt. There are fourteen medieval towers that survive in the city, a result of local lords attempting to outdo each other with status symbols. Unlike many cities in Tuscany the towers of San Gimignano have survived the many wars and natural disasters that have plagued the province through the centuries. Today it stands a perfect reminder of what life was like in medieval Italy.

Beach holidays are often ignored in Tuscany due to the wealth of fantastic cities in the region. The coastal regions however should form part of any trip in the province, especially if travelling with children. In fact the beaches are where the inhabitants of Florence flee to every year when the numbers of tourists become too much. In addition, if your holidays rarely include lying on a beach for days on end, touring the magnificent countryside is a welcome distraction from the sand and sea.

Chianti is arguably the most famous of all the Italian wines so when in this region it would be criminal not to tour the many vineyards. Tasting the different qualities of Chianti is an experience not to be missed, especially when combined with the fabulous cuisine.

Holidays in Tuscany will provide the tourist with a full bank of memories and experiences that will remain for life. Whether it is seeing the seminal renaissance works of the Florence masters or touring the amazing medieval towns and cities there is plenty to fulfil the cultural appetite. If you just want to relax the beach and countryside make the perfect escape and with the constant prevalence of the Chianti you are sure to find all you want on a trip to this fantastic region.

Travel expert Thomas Pretty looks into why holidays in Tuscany can be considered perfect for all types of tourist.

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Tuscany Travel

The transfer company representative was right there, on time, waiting for the group to come in from Toronto holding up the sign, Valerie Kent.  Ten of us streamed towards the sign, luggage already in hand. We had been looking forward to this painting workshop all winter.  A couple of the artists had been to Italy previously, and the rest of us were Newbies.

Joanne Epworth said, “We were all so excited that I thought we would all levitate, but actually all we did was board the pleasant little van which headed right up the mountain to the lookout and took in our first, but no means last, astounding vista.  Beneath our feet stretched the city of Florence and the Arno River. It took our breath away.  You just could not stop looking.  Everywhere you looked it was so beautiful.  It was unbelievable how beautiful the view was.”

Our hotel, the Monna Lisa, was tucked away in the historic centre of the city, with its narrow streets and cars practically touching the walls of the ancient buildings as they zipped by.  Joanne Epworth said, “The hotel which had been a grand residence of  the Medici family, was approximately 800 years old.  It  had a romantic entrance, a garden and a courtyard patio for breakfast when the  weather was good. Some of the group painted out in the courtyard in the afternoon. It was a great location in that it was close to many restaurants, attractions and piazzas.”

We began our trip by taking a stroll around the neighbourhood, ending up on the bridge, the Ponte Vecchio, to see the multitude of gold shops built along the bridge and then we went to the little palace, Palazzo Pitti.  By the time we got there the long travel had caught up to us, so we did not go in, but sat at an outdoor café and had some cooling drinks.  We all walked back and close to the hotel we went to a local outdoor restaurant and enjoyed a beautiful dinner together.

Joanne Epworth said, “Part of the next day was spent doing a walking tour around the centre of Florence through the historic areas.  Later that day after wandering around and getting tempted with all the painting venues, we went to see the sculptures in the various Piazzas.  Then we went into the Academy where we visited the original David. I bought a little sketch book at the Academy which had the figure of David on it.  In the evening several of the group members painted a large flower planter on a column in the hotel garden to get warmed up.”

The third day we left Florence and headed to our next hotel, which very quaintly was in a real tower, tall and narrow, named the Torre Antica in the city of Siena.  There was a spacious Piazza, the Campo, built where the three hills met.  Siena is a town of ancient stone buildings, churches, outdoor cafes and we heard that just recently, they had even had horse races in the Piazza.  Joanne Epworth said, “I was pleasantly surprised, every time we turned around, we found a new and inviting gelateria in Sienna and one day we just had gelato for lunch, a lot of gelato.”

The first day only Nora painted our little street in Siena and the laundry hanging out the windows, but the following day while scouting, I found the Philosophy Department at the local university and its library had an extraordinary garden which overlooked the town and the distant hills.  Nora Fischer said, “The philosopher’s garden was a green and floral oasis which was beautiful and we sat in it for quite a while and painted happily.”

Two days later we transferred to San Gimignano which is a walled town.  It used to have 75 towers, but now has 13. What an extraordinary town with a cistern in the centre of the piazza and fabulous narrow streets and very ancient buildings.  Again our hotel was an ancient stone building, right in the middle of the town.  Several of us shared a large balcony overlooking the fields, hills and valleys spreading out in a panoramic fan surrounding the town.

“Afternoons on the Terrace,” said Carmela Crimi,  “were a civilized way to spend the afternoon with pre-dinner drinks, snacks, and appetizers after such a hard day of painting and touring and the vistas from the terrace and we had a lot of catching up to do with each other’s daily adventures.”

Joanne Epworth said, “We painted the narrow cobbled streets, the arches and the amazing old buildings.  We also painted the towers of the town from our balcony.  Actually we really got quite a bit of painting in.  When it was too hot to paint we shopped at the many small shops and tried out quite a few restaurants and the wines.  Many of us went down to the Piazza La Cisterna to sketch to paint the ancient well.  We also enjoyed people- watching because there were people there from all over the world.”

One of the days we went out to a totally organic farm, Poggio Alloro, for lunch and to try out the wines from their winery.  We feasted on their fresh vegetables and the owner tempted us with fresh figs right off the trees.  They produced extra virgin olive oil, beef, cheese, homemade pasta and fruits including figs and pomegranates from the farm. This was a great place to sketch in our sketch books.

Carmela Crimi said,”I have been ranting and raving about Poggia Alloro to everybody.  I was highly impressed by how the family ran it, how clean it was and the never-ending views were spectacular.  It was a wonderful way to spend a relaxing day.  The lunch was included and we did not have to think about anything at all.  It was all there for us.”

Almost every evening there was a free concert in the centre of the town practically outside our hotel doors.  Nora Fischer said, “Besides the visual arts, we also got to hear the other side of the arts, the musical side. So, we would go and eat somewhere lovely and then attend the almost daily evening concerts, stopping for gelatos before heading to bed.  The gelatos are always a favourite whenever I go to Italy.  We put in fabulous full days.  The young members on the trip and the more mature ones enjoyed it equally.  Kristin, my granddaughter, enjoyed the museums.  My other granddaughter, Meghan, enjoyed the painting as much as we did.  Ryan, her friend, who had never painted before got the hang of it very quickly.  The more advanced artists did well, but the novices enjoyed the teaching and demonstrations just as much.”

Joanne Epworth said, “We went to bed content, having put in another exciting day and with the lovely memory of music ringing in our ears and yet another gelato.”

In Florence on the last day we did some last minute shopping and then met up at the Uffizzi Gallery.  It was just too vast to see everything, but we had made a plan to see specific pieces we were interested in, such as the Botticelli and Michaelangelo paintings. Sometimes we cannot even imagine how big some of these works are because we have only seen them in books and in prints.  We saw our last glimpses of Florence for this trip but hopefully we would all return some day.  We had put our coins into the fountain at the market with that wish.

Valerie Kent, B.A.,B.Ed.,M.F.A. is a visual artist who facilitates trips to France and Italy every summer. She leads artists, photographers and others who enjoy the visual arts and does demonstrations and workshops on the trips. Her work is available in a number of galleries and her sought after workshops are listed on her site:

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The Finer Points Of Tuscany

Tuscany is one of Italy’s most visited regions for family holidays, romantic breaks and even relaxing spa excursions. With large hotel numbers and a host of interesting and educational sites a trip to Tuscany is both comfortable and entertaining. But what is there to see and do in Tuscany? What are the fundamental inclusions in any holiday itinerary?

Obviously any trip to this region of Italy should include a visit to Florence. As an example of Renaissance architecture and art it is hard to find a better city anywhere else in the world. The city does however experience large tourist numbers so for those who would like to avoid the hustle and bustle, a hotel in the beautiful Tuscan countryside is advisable. Florence will however fill the needs of those with a love of art, with hundreds of the most famous paintings and sculptures on the planet; it can truly be described as the jewel in Tuscany’s crown.

Another destination of note is the town of Siena. With a glorious fan shaped piazza, the Piazza del Campo that acts as the centrepiece for this marvellous medieval hill town. In addition, if visiting in the summer it is well worth seeing the famous horse race that takes place in Siena each year. The horse race brings a fantastic festival feeling to the town and will be enjoyed by all members of the family.

San Gimignano is a city of towers, a rarity in this part of Italy where natural disasters and warfare have led to the destruction of most of the medieval towers. San Gimignano however has fourteen remaining towers that give the town one of the most memorable and beautiful vistas in the whole of Tuscany.

Another city that has wonderfully preserved medieval architecture is Lucca. The wall that surrounds the city is regarded to be one of the best in all Italy making walking or cycling around the perimeter a truly unique experience. As well as the historic attractions, the city of Lucca is well known for the wide array of shops and restaurants that adorn its streets.

Although predominantly famous for its leaning tower, Pisa has much to offer the tourist with lush green parks and astounding architecture making it ultimately relaxing. The one time home of Lords Byron and Shelley, history is ever present and the enchanting river is perfect for strolls on lazy summer afternoons.

Those visiting with the family will almost definitely want to visit Pinocchio Park; a unique attraction that will enthral visitors of all ages. Journeying around the park presents the visitor with wondrous statues of the many characters from the story. Attractions include the regular marionette shows that bring to life the tale of this puppet who wanted to be a boy. The park is located near Collodi, the home of Carlo Lorenzini’s mother, the author of the story.

Not all of your time should be spent touring the interior or the area near your hotel. Tuscany can boast some amazing beaches that make ideal family excursions. The beaches are famed for the clean water that laps at the shore making them perfectly safe for bathing. In addition to the beaches the coast of Tuscany has some fabulous small fishing villages where it is possible to gain a true understanding of the Tuscan culture and of course the sumptuous local delicacies.

Tuscany as a holiday destination really does have it all. Whether you want to spend your time visiting the many fine architectural examples, the renaissance art or even the beach, a trip to Tuscany will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Fun for all the family, this region of Italy is magical, enjoyable and culturally rich. No matter what you hope to gain from your holiday, Tuscany will supply it by the bucket load.

Travel expert Thomas Pretty looks into how with the use of a family hotel Tuscany can be a sublime destination.

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