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Artistic Itineraries in San Gimignano, Siena

San Gimignano, near Siena, is widely seen as a busy tourist destination which has become a melting point of various people and cultures. There are many things to do in San Gimignano and places to visit. From all cities and countries, people come rushing into the Tuscan town to catch their share of all the hyped fun. Once you decide where you wish to stopover during your vacation break to Italy, you will come across excellent offers with fantastic rates that you just can’t resist. Fun seekers and vacationers strive throughout the year to be part of the flurry of activities that make San Gimigano bubble. As a busy holiday destination which doubles as an attraction to people from all walks of life all around the globe; the San Gimignano tourist and travel services are simply too good when it is measured in terms of efficiency and cost. With the huge number of visitors flocking into the town daily, San Gimignano has made provision for their comfort and safety from the very moment they set feet in the town. Fro this reason, apartments and villas may not be many in San Gimignano but they are quite affordable for an average family wishing to embark on a holiday camping trip to the town. The senior citizens are folks that would love to stay in a cheap, not-too-fancy accommodation like farmhouse inns or lodges.

Tourists and vacationers who take a trip to San Gimignano will discover that the place is very enlightening and interesting. Enlightening because at the end of your San Gimignano trip; you would have gained so much from the rich cultural heritage showed by the people. San Gimignano is also adjudged interesting due to the fact that there are many activities to do – with even a modest budget. For regular visitors to the town who live in Tuscany, you can even do with a very low budget because you will be very familiar with the entire town. For all sane reasons, San Gimignano affords all adventurous tourists with the opportunity to enjoy what they have been hearing about for so long. The Tuscan town is so pleasant that it doesn’t lack vacationers who love to come around for the purpose of just relaxing and also for a change of environment. San Gimignano is situated in a strategic place that makes it the delight of photo fans and tourists who are in Tuscany. For a new comer to San Gimignano, there are fun stuffs that are different from what they are used to which makes the whole thing even more exciting.

With lots of great outdoor activities to participate in, the town is definitely the right place for holiday breaks of a month or more. After a summer holiday trip to San Gimignano, you would love to write about your experiences. San Gimignano is the right place to visit if you are someone who loves much fun for less cost. In the Tuscan town, expenses are low even for high level accommodation. Tourist services are very fair whether its phone, internet or other types of services. As in similar Italian towns, there are places in San Gimignano where one can stay and still enjoy basic hotel facilities so depending on where you have in mind to explore during your trip, your search for good accommodation will yield favorable results. Everyone knows that good things don’t come easy but not so for a San Gimignano trip. Traveling to San Gimignano is a lot less expensive than most other towns in Italy and Europe in general. In addition, you are of fun and fanfare like other cities once you decide to try a trip. You don’t have to bend backwards to get good value for an all-inclusive holiday travel package to San Gimignano.

Those who have been to San Gimignano will narrate the wow times they had all through their stay. The beauty of the town and its people are enough to keep your mind at rest for as long as you wish. San Gimignano’s cuisines are in abundance because of the wide variety of dishes offered by the best of Italian chefs. There are bars scattered around San Gimignano where you can go to cool off; and many restaurants that will take care of visitors and tourists who want to enjoy meals outside what they are used to. Some of the best places with a high value for your money are usually recommended by the experienced travel agents who have long been in the business for years. From them, you will find cheap travel packages to new and existing tourist customers. Since there is always another vacation holiday ahead, one can start planning as soon as possible so that you can take advantage of these cheap offers. Getting the right information before deciding the right places to visit in San Gimignano is no qualms if you just get on the net and make a careful search.

Andrea Leoni writes articles for, which is a useful resource to find a comfortable bed and breakfast in Siena or other kinds of accommodation in Siena Italy. Andrea contributes to many important Tuscany tourist guides.

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Countryside Vs. City Tuscany Apartments: Which One Should I Choose?

Tuscany apartments are always very much sought after by travelers all over the world. A great portion of those visiting Tuscany every year decides to reside in an apartment as the best choice over hotels and other kinds of accommodation rentals. The reasons are easily found in greater price to quality ratio, versatile locations both in the countryside and in the city, plenty of comforts, homelike feel, and a nearby helping hand for every necessity.

However, should you choose among Tuscany apartments in the countryside or those in a city or town setting? There are few points to ponder to answer this question.

What is your first aim during your holiday?

Are you going to be in your home relaxing, waking up late, having a long breakfast, reading your book, diving in the pool and sun tanning, letting the day drift away in total oblivion of the world? Then a countryside apartment certainly is what you need. If however you plan on being an early bird that cannot miss to visit at least all the important cultural and popular milestones of a Tuscan town or city, then of course the city setting is for you.

Do you value most tranquillity or convenience?

If observing the intricate branches of a beautiful oak in Tuscany sets you in a good mood, while strolling along Florence admiring the many Renaissance monuments makes you dizzy after a while, the countryside is for you. Also consider that in the city you will have all conveniences at your easy reach, while countryside Tuscany apartments may be a little remote and every necessity may require you to jump in a car. On the other side, city apartments are often without an elevator, so stay light with your luggage, your apartment may be on the fifth floor!


Usually city apartments are just a tad more expensive than country ones. The reason could be because there is so much choice of splendid countryside Tuscany apartments. Also, city apartments may provide a greater degree of privacy as you are in a condo versus a farmhouse with other guests. On the other hand you are very unlikely to get a swimming pool in the city, which usually makes for a nice spot where to cool off the summer heat spells.


If you have a family with kids, then you should consider the countryside. Tuscany apartments are always surrounded by a large garden, most often containing an orchard, olive groves, grass fields and safe games for children. The territory is usually made safe for children, although you can always make sure it is by asking the farmhouse owner.

I hope this brief comparison between Tuscany apartments in the city and in the countryside has helped you clarify which should be your next accommodation rental in Tuscany.

Christine of Tuscany apartments is a private travel consultant that has an extensive experience on Tuscany accommodation rentals. She lives in Tuscany and has four wonderful kids.

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Sightseeing in Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is famous both for its wine and being the birthplace of the Renaissance movement. It is a region that is rich in culture with many places to visit and sights to see.

Florence is the capital of the Tuscany region and will make a great starting point for you, but there are also many places you will want to visit outside of Florence.

It is relatively easy to travel around the different places in Tuscany. You can rent a car and drive yourself, or hire a driver to do it for you. You can also take the train to various areas including Pisa, Siena, San Gimignano and Lucca.

1. Many people are familiar with the leaning Tower of Pisa. Pisa is located in central Italy, 50 miles from Florence, and the bell tower really is leaning and is a sight to behold. It only takes an hour to get to Pisa from Florence by train.

2. The greatest medieval town in Italy to see is Siena. As is true with many places to visit in Tuscany you can enjoy the culture by walking through alleyways and narrow streets. If you are feeling fit, you can always climb to the top of Siena’s tall bell tower and take in some amazing views of the city and the Piazza Del Campo below. With a population of 250,000 will find that people here are extremely friendly.

3. The most popular place to taste wine is Chianti, which is very well known for its world-famous red wines. You can enjoy some spectacular scenery in Chianti while visiting vineyards and taking in some of the spectacular hilltop views.

4. Another popular place to visit to Tuscany is Lucca. Here you will find many churches and other medieval buildings that are simply amazing. The Roman amphitheater is located in Lucca and is over in 1900 years old. The town centre is completely enclosed by a brick wall built in the 16th century and you can take a walk along the top of the wall, which stretches 4km. Lucca is considered to have some the best food in the Tuscany region especially the tortelli lucchese. Tortelli lucchese is bright yellow pasta, stuffed with seasoned meat and topped with a heavily meat-laden rag?at is very rich in flavor.

5. San Gimignano is a wonderful place to visit while in Tuscany. It is set on a hill over 300m high and dates back to the 10th century. San Gimignano originally had 72 tower houses, some which were as high as 50m. In their day, the towers were a symbol of wealth and there are now only 14 towers in total.

6. Another place in Tuscany that is worth a mention is Fiesole. If you are in Florence and pressed for time you can make a quick trip there as it is just 5 miles outside of Florence. You can take a local bus and enjoy the great views.

7. Last, but most definitely not least is Florence. You will want to spend at least a few days taking n the sights of Florence. There are many different sights to see and you should be sure not to miss the Uffizi. The Uffiza Gallery is home to thousands of paintings and sculptures and is world famous. Because of how popular it is you can wait up to 5 hours to get in so it is best to reserve a ticket in advance.

Suzanne Morrison is the author of the Ultimate Guide to Florence. Her Florence and Tuscany website has lots of ideas and photos to help you plan your trip to the region.

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San Gimignano, Italy: Towering Hill Town

San Gimignano, with its distinctive skyline, stands like a medieval mirage on its hilltop. With walls built in the 13th century and 12 surviving towers, what was once a stop for pilgrims en route to Rome is now a popular tourist destination. For more information on the Rick Steves’ Europe TV series — including episode descriptions, scripts, participating stations, travel information on destinations and more — visit
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