Red Star Tuscany Multi Game Set

Red Star Tuscany Multi Game Set

  • Rich, cherry finish game case with fluted columns and reversible solid wood board.
  • Chess, Backgammon and Chinese checkers playing surfaces
  • Richly detailed game pieces with exquisite hand carved styling
  • All required game pieces included, plus additional cards and dice for many more games
  • An excellent, furniture quality addition to any den or game room

The TUSCANY, Cherry finish Multi game Set is a beautiful addition to any home game room, den or office. Furniture quality, cherry finish case features a solid, wood reversible game top with checkered pattern on one side, backgammon on the reverse and Chinese checkers inside. Appointed with antique style hardware and accented fluted columns. Two drawers store richly detailed game pieces (including PVC ebony and ivory finished chess pieces). Wood checkers, dice, marbles and accessories all include

List Price: $ 199.99


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Rick Steves’ Florence & Tuscany 2011

Rick Steves’ Florence & Tuscany 2011

You can count on Rick Steves to tell you what you really need to know when traveling through Florence and Tuscany. With the self-guided tours in this book, you’ll discover the geographic heart of Italy. Take the Renaissance Walk and tour the Uffizi Gallery to learn how Florence taught civilized living to the rest of Europe. Wander through the medieval city of Siena and find out what Pisa has to offer beyond the Leaning Tower. Relax in sunny Tuscan hill towns where you’ll enjoy full-bodied wi

List Price: $ 14.95


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Cable auction to benefit Rotary Club scholarships

Cable auction to benefit Rotary Club scholarships
MIDDLEBORO — The Middleboro Rotary Club’s annual cable TV auction will take place this weekend and feature a host of leisure activities in addition to a wide variety of gift items, clothing, small appliances and certificates for goods and services.
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Friends discover excitement, magic in travels
Three women from Galveston visited Venice, Italy. This is their story.
Read more on Galveston County Daily News

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Cooking Tours of Tuscany Create Memories of a Lifetime

Cooking is a passion for many worldwide. Learning recipes from different regions of the world enables chefs to tour the globe without ever leaving the kitchen. Of all varieties, Italian cooking is perhaps the most enjoyed and studied. Amateur and advanced chefs alike both work hard to master the preparation of exotic Italian dishes. Even within Italy itself the culinary styles vary greatly, with Tuscany generally being renowned as the best. Tuscan cooking focuses on simple yet delicious dishes which combine simple, fresh ingredients with advanced cooking techniques. There is no better way to learn the art of Tuscan cooking than a cooking tour of Tuscany.

Visitors to Tuscany who opt for a quality guided tour will learn the culinary arts from experienced local chefs. Chefs, guides, and sommeliers will accompany guests to local markets to discover how to pick the perfect ingredients and match them to a proper wine. Tuscan cooking style requires lot of fresh vegetables, spices and wine, all readily available in Tuscany. Many of the recipes for Tuscan style cooking which guests learn have been passed through generations and these dishes are cooked in the same manner as they were cooked thousands of years ago.

On a cooking tour of Tuscany , guests learn to cook side by side with their host chefs. Chefs are happy to offer constant guidance and supervision, offering expert instruction in a fun atmosphere. Cooking classes are generally best taught in small groups so that everyone can get complete attention from the chef and learn to cook in the authentic Tuscan style.

Along with cooking, a tour to Tuscany would not be complete without a visit to Italian wine orchards and wine cellars in Tuscany. Visitors will enjoy a sampling of famous Italian wines. Once the cooking classes are over, there is quite a lot to explore in the quaint towns and villages of Tuscany, which are filled with beautiful villas, sprawling meadows and friendly people.

If you are planning to visit Tuscany and be a part of a cooking tour of Tuscany contacts TuscanyCookingCourses.com. Their expert planners will work with you to create the perfect trip. Whether you are looking for simply a villa rental or a complete tour package including a cooking tour of Tuscany, Italian Tuscany wine tastings, visits to historical locations and much more at very affordable prices contact them to today. Please browse through www.tuscanycookingcourses.com for more information.

Ian Darrah – Co-owner & President. Ian developed Tuscan Way’s Sales and Marketing programs and launched the office in Miami, Florida. He also is involved in business development and adding new Tuscan Way programs. Ian’s love for Tuscany began when he was still a student and an aspiring professional triathlete: studying in Italy and biking the hills of Tuscany. Ian has led triathlon training tours and organized yoga retreats in Tuscany.

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Tuscany Cooking Villas

Tuscany is the most popular region in Central Italy due to its food, wine, culture, and people. A visit to Tuscany’s magical landscape, complete with rolling hills and sprawling valleys, yields amazing memories which last a lifetime. The region is popular with tourists because it offers them not only a fun getaway, but also great opportunities to learn Italian cooking and wine pairing and appreciation.

Tuscany cooking villa accommodations are very popular with tourists, as villas give them an authentic Tuscan experience. Tuscany villa accommodations have in-house kitchens where the guests will learn cooking from expert chefs who have years of cooking experience. A stay in our Tuscany wine villas is a great experience as the guests learn more about popular Tuscan wines and enjoy them at numerous wine tastings. The villa accommodations in Tuscany are the best choice for travelers who want to make the most of their Tuscany holiday.

Finding the right Tuscany cooking villa which meets your expectations can be a challenge. For the average consumer it is quite difficult to locate the perfect villa with the amenities you want at an affordable price. Choosing the right villa to suit your individual needs can be difficult and time-consuming.

This is why some offers only high quality properties in Italy all in extraordinary luxury estates; from large group villas to small intimate cottages all of our properties are personally chosen by us. We carefully consider the needs of each guest and suggest an appropriate location. Some provides an excellent service to travelers looking for that perfect food or wine vacation in Tuscany.

The firm also employs guides who, as Tuscan natives, have a deep understanding of Italian art and history, the ancient architecture, and the wonderful sights which add to the appeal of the Tuscany cooking villas. All the villa accommodations in Tuscany offered by the company are spacious and equipped with all the facilities needed for a comfortable stay. Our collaboration with Tuscan Way, the top provider for Tuscan food and wine tours, enables us to offer luxury villas at affordable prices. online hotel booking

Raj Aryan is a content writer presently working with make my trip company find india trip details with india travel packages

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The Little Black Book of Florence & Tuscany (Travel Guide) Reviews

The Little Black Book of Florence & Tuscany (Travel Guide)

With user-friendly maps and insider tips, this travel guidebook takes you to the best Florence and Tuscany have to offer.

Here’s what to see and do, and where to eat, drink, shop, and stay—including a city guide to Florence and itineraries for the rolling hills and medieval towns beyond!

”Top Picks” direct you to not-to-be-missed attractions. 256 pages, plus 8 maps, including a Florence bus map.

Writer, translator, and world traveler Vesna Neskow has written four othe

List Price: $ 5.95


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The Tuscany Country Marvels

The serenity that accompanies Tuscany justifies the perfect balance of beauty and cultural activity in which the region is known for. This is best achieved by doing a farm holiday or residing in a countryside luxury villa. Writing about Tuscany evokes a feeling of unflappability gotten from the relaxed environment around it. It makes a whole lot of sense if ‘luxury’ and ‘farm’ are treated on their own merits. Though scary at first, luxury is associated with expensive things and farm with little comfort. Experiences of mine have corroborated the fact that some fantastic places are much more gratifying than staying at a hotel in the city centre. For example moving some 40 kilometers towards the north-east of Florence is a popular farmhouse very close to a small town is a hideaway that appeals to every eye. Here, you will see uncommon sights that depict the beauty and allure of natural habitats and all that makes them tick. Within the hideaway are olive trees which cover the Tuscan hillsides just as the vegetation is appreciated for the serenity and privacy it provides for its visitors. There are so-named villages dominated by fine properties that have cool and comfortable apartments each.

This array of elegant Tuscan accommodation offers pleasurable views of the entire landscape which could also be used as a captivating background for pictures. The third area is the quaintest sleeping quarters called Macerato, embedded among all the hues of green possible. This kind of vacation rental is as comfortable and reposeful as the luxury villas, only that you are sharing a common ground with other tourists. When you get your Tuscany car rental, you should ask for a good map and maybe even ask them if they can give more explicit directions as the farmhouse is found off other country roads. Usually any holiday home in Tuscany offers the option of giving full directions when booking and also being picked up at nearby train or bus stations. You just have to let them know beforehand. The 11th century medieval monastery of San Lorenzo in Sovicille, south of Siena is one of those vacation rental places in Tuscany where you can have it all and still have your own breathing space, having your freedom from stress. This magnificent lodging is individual apartments tempting you with Tuscany tours such as viewing the hillside and mountains seated in a four-wheel drive vehicle, horse-back riding or an aerial view from a hot-air balloon. And if you do not want to miss out on the lovely beaches, there are excursions to the Mediterranean seashore.

Stay in Tuscany in the Chianti area in the luxury villa estate called Villa de Dievole near the old town of Vagliali. As all villas used to belong to the Italian noble class, the exclusiveness and privacy is incomparable. The decoration in many has been respected in the restoration process; therefore you are living among many centuries of history. This 16th century villa has rooms and suites with a private guesthouse, too. Without overtaxing one’s strength, your Tuscany Italy holiday tours can be choked full of emotions and peacefulness. It is important to know this because from here you will be able to choose the type of accommodation you want to be in. There are some villas which give you the true Tuscan country experience with 360 degrees breathtaking views, gardens that allow you to spend a whole week with bare feet, far from any other man-made landmark. Then there are villas at one mile from the nearest town, where you can still enjoy lots of privacy, but at the same time allow you to enjoy quick trips to nearby interesting spots. There are hideaways that you can enjoy with your lover or spouse.

These are hidden cocoons that serve as love nests for lovers looking to get some Tuscan romance; newly-weds that wish to have a memorable honeymoon and spouses who want to relive the experience of the good old times. Irrespective of the size of the group or couple Tuscany has numerous villas that would cater for their need. At times very large villas can be too expensive, so the best thing is to rent a farmhouse composed of separate apartments in Tuscany. In the event that such villas are expensive most especially the large ones, one can opt for the rental of farm house which are composed of separate apartments. The location of Tuscany is just perfect for its perfect of blend of lots of privacy at an affordable for a small price. The close proximity of the many towns it’s composed of makes it a number one spot to enjoy different kinds of food and assorted wines. You shouldn’t loose sleep over communication at Tuscany as English is widely spoken. The inhabitants of the region are a viable source of information on where and what to do ranging from cultural tours, concerts. All you need to do as a tourist is ask and you are almost there.

Andrea Cardelli writes articles for the most part for http://www.yourwaytotuscany.com/Independent-Villas.htm , an internet site with information about Tuscany Villas.

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A Nightmare to Remember [ HD ] Live www.youtube.com The Count of Tuscany ending in Badalona by Dream Theater. Recorded with Panasonic TZ7.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Discover Tuscany: A Day Trip In Lucca

One of the ancient treasures that have a permanent place in Tuscany is Lucca and it’s so for a number of reasons. First, it is known to be a town that is surrounded by walls and this makes it possess great historical relevance to both Tuscany and Italy’s cultural heritage. These town’s walls are well preserved with so much care and national pride because they form a major factor which draws tourists and visitors from far and wide. The second reason that makes tourists keep thronging to the tourist town of Lucca is the fact that some of the city’s best beaches are just within strolling distance so that one does not have to spend a cent to get costless fun. Thirdly, the affordability of a Lucca vacation makes it all the more an exciting adventure worth looking forward to. It is also for this reason that travel agents and companies do all their best to make sure that anyone who comes calling does not return without a souvenir or sweet story. Welcome to the Italy’s vacation world of Tuscany en-route to Lucca.

When planning for your trip to Lucca, you really don’t have to make a huge budget although this depends on where you are traveling from i.e. your take-off point otherwise Lucca is quite cheap for a holiday getaway. Tuscany is certainly one commercial hotspot where various tourism companies are striving to make their impact felt. This is more so for those agencies that are based in Tuscany with the growing number of visitors finding their way into the city to grab their share of the hyped Italian holiday offers. Most travel packages sold within and outside the town of Lucca are those that include irresistible features like cheap hotel accommodation in villas, hotels, apartments, excursions, city-wide tours, meals i.e. food and drinks, car rental services, and so on. The high number of villas and farmhouses in the bubbly town all promise nothing less than an endless streak of exhilarating experiences throughout one’s stay.

Other tourist and travel activities that can be engaged in full time are hot-air ballooning, biking, hiking, small shops for day or night shopping, cuisine or wine tasting and fun-filled sightseeing activities in the town’s numerous museums. To enjoy your Lucca trip to the fullest, do ensure that your travel plans or itinerary are properly spelt out. Embarking on this trip after a careful research will help you make the best choices of hotels accommodation, dining, feeding, purchases, etc. This research is very necessary for the success of your holiday vacation. The internet is a great source for the booking of your plane or train tickets as soon as you make up your mind to visit the fun land called Lucca. Once you get there, you can then proceed to visit the thrilling regions of your most appealing destinations, making reservations, and a host of others. These tips and many more will certainly assist in guaranteeing superb Tuscany vacation experiences.

All one needs to do is to make sure that there are sufficient savings that have been put aside for your Lucca trip before you can talk to the travel agents. There is really no mystery about visiting these chic Italian destinations for your vacations. You can visit Lucca or Tuscany just to enjoy the best of their wine, landscapes, beautiful hilltops, land surface and the vineyard to mention but a few. Tuscany offers something completely different from vacationers’ usual expectations when unwinding. Visiting and holidaying in Tuscany is something every vacationer would want to experience. The city of Lucca in the Tuscany region is yet another wonderful attraction to explore because of is fame for Gothic features, Renaissance buildings, museums, art galleries and parks.

Lucca is part and parcel of Tuscany; the abode of the admirable Romanesque Architecture which is always on display and can be seen from all over the town. The San Michele and San Martino cathedrals are just two very good examples of the Romanesque architecture that should be on any traveler’s itinerary to Lucca. The geographical position of Lucca also favors the town so much in terms of its sizeable tourism potential. Lucca can be found close to the Serchio River; about 80km from Florence and 30km from Pisa. The town of Lucca itself dwells upon a plateau with the Apuane Alps watching over it. The medieval walls which characterize the town are thick and strong. These walls were originally built in the 16th century but they still stand till today; thus surrounding the entire town. As part of a walking tour, one can take a stroll along or on top of the walls. This way of exercise alone offers a very good opportunity to see many hidden sight-stops. However, if this will be so much stressful to you, how about going for a biking or walking outing to visit the must-see sights so as to enjoy an enriching travel or holiday experience to Lucca?

Maria Luce Cardelli writes articles about Florence and Tuscany for the most part for http://www.florenceholidays.com/tuscany-luxury-villas.html which is the ultimate guide for Tuscany luxury villas and other tuscany accommodations.

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Olympia Tuscany 30 Inch Expandable Vertical Rolling Luggage Case,Black,One Size

Olympia Tuscany 30 Inch Expandable Vertical Rolling Luggage Case,Black,One Size

  • Constructed Of 2-Tone Polyester
  • U tube push button retractable handle
  • Expanding feature adds 25% more packing capacity
  • Front zipper pocket and internal zipper mesh pocket for extra packing capacity
  • China

OE-8830-BK Color: Black Pictured in Black Features: -Constructed of two-tone polyester. -Double wheels 360 spin allows free movement in all directions. -U tube push button retractable handle. -Expanding feature adds 20 percent more packing capacity. -Front zipper pocket and internal zipper mesh pocket for extra packing capacity. -Hide-away hands-free center strap. -Interior zipper pocket and dual buckle tie-belt. -Built-in dual shoe pocket. -Full interior lining. -EVA foamed front panel. -Dime

List Price: $ 99.99


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Northern Tuscany

An artisan knife maker in the walled town of Scarperia, Lucca’s Roman amphitheater, a unique spa located in a steamy grotto, the marble mountains of Carrara, which have yielded white marble for more than 2000 years, and a school for marble carvers. In our final episode, we start by visiting Villa Pitiana, a massive villa overlooking the Val d’Arno and cook wild boar and lamb with the talented local chef. Then, we visit the walled town of Scarperia, famous as the home of knife craftsmen for over 600 years. We visit a workshop and are taken through every step of the process of making these beautiful knives. Next we travel west to Grotta Giusti, a spa that is built around a humid underground cave thought to cure ailments. From there we go to the genteel city of Lucca, touring its small streets by bike and visiting the remnant of a Roman Coliseum. Entering the northwest corner of Tuscany, the hills turn to mountains, and the marble quarries of Carrara beckon. The source of Michelangelo’s David’s white marble, these strangely beautiful quarries are still producing marble more than 2000 years after the Romans first discovered them. The small artisan town of Pietrasanta on the coast is home to dozens of marble studios, and we visit a school of marble carving. Finally we stop at Capezzana for the olive harvest and watch as the black and green beauties are transformed into luscious olive oil.

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