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Tuscany is the most beautiful region in Italy. It has blessed with beautiful farmland, islands and fine arts. Millions of people dream to visit Tuscany once in their life. It is the place full of greenery and breathtaking natural scenery. Tuscany dwells with exotic farmhouses, villas, and cottages. If you want to have stress free and fun experience then staying at Tuscany villa for rent will be the best option to stay but not for folks who are on tight budget because it is quiet expensive. But you can share and enjoy your best time ever. There are so many things to do in Tuscany like learning Italian language and culture, cookery lessons, wine tasting, designer shopping trips and more.

These villas have private terraces, many are ideal for a large party with varying needs for privacy. The interior designing inside these villas throughout is contemporary, using a palette of pale colors to highlight curved walls, wooden beams and a striking spiral staircase, some gives you taste of Italian culture. You can see the large windows and doors that emphasis the Italian history. The ground floor living and dining room lead out to an ample stone pool terrace, where an enormous loggia provides a shady spot for lounging or for al fresco meals that overlooks the pool and the sea.

The local people of Tuscany boast a love of their land; they are very friendly, hospitable and relaxed. The typical Tuscan villa for rent is charming, characteristic and full of history and culture. Small shops with local produce and artifacts line the shaded stone lined streets, for the wine lovers one so that one can sit outside and taste the famous wines of the region at many of the enotecas and bars. The enoteca also serves platters of cheeses and cold cuts like prosciutto, salame etc.

There is swimming pool facility available at Tuscany villa for rent, which may be shared mostly. If you are looking for spa, body massage, or any other body treatment then you may have to pay extra bucks for it. The staff here is polite and gentle. They will help you immensely when you want to know about certain locations or language problem. They will hire you tutor and chefs if you are interested in learning Italian language and are curious to know about Italian cooking like pasta or pizza respectively.

Villas may have just one floor or double storey. Exposed to the natural breezes these villas offers a garden lush with green and colorful plants which is a pleasure during any time of the year. The original door and style that decorates the interiors are mirrored throughout the villa, which enhances the ambiance along with the fireplace in cheerful manner. Now ready to spend a lazy day and relax under the gazebo or swimming in the pool. Tuscany reflects your tastes, passions, moods and emotions with her colors, fragrance and a deep sense of family ties that bonds you with one of the most memorable holiday destinations of the world.

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Good Tastes of Tuscany caters to Wild Oats Cooking classes in Tuscany: U.S natural food supermarket chain reward employees with a Tuscan cooking class

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Good Tastes of Tuscany caters to Wild Oats Cooking classes in Tuscany: U.S natural food supermarket chain reward employees with a Tuscan cooking class

Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) October 5, 2005

Wild Oats, with a family of over 110 stores in 24 states and British Columbia, and an annual sales figure of more than $ 1 billion dollars, chose Good Tastes of Tuscany, a division of Connextions Group, to reward its employees for good performance.

The chosen staff members underwent a one-day advanced cooking class in Tuscany at the 13th century villa. The grand finale was a dinner party at Villa PandolfiniÂ’s ornately frescoed dance hall. The heady mix of gourmet cuisine, vintage wine and soul-stirring music in an ambiance bursting with tradition and culture left the guests replete.                                                

The Villa Pandolfini, which, in its rich past, accommodated such guests as Napoleon Bonaparte and King Charles VIII of France, has high vaulted ceilings, a fireplace in the kitchen, a loggia looking out into a breathtaking renaissance garden and gold gilded mirrors and antique furniture.

About Tuscany Cooking Classes:

Good Tastes of Tuscany provides hands-on coaching in traditional Tuscan cuisine and offers intensive, single-day classes tailored to meet specific needs and varying proficiency levels, as well as more prolonged courses. The cooking classes in Tuscany are customized to suit individual requirements and there is even a course for young chefs. “Wine appreciation classes and tours are also conducted,” says Massimo Brogi, Media Relations Manager.

The highly experienced cooking instructors, Lisa and Maurizio, both native to Florence, impart tips that canÂ’t be found in any cookery book and teach traditional Tuscan recipes. Participants learn to make a complete Italian meal, from appetizers to dessert. The extra virgin olive oil and the wine come from the scenic estates of the Villa Pandolfini itself.

The Villa Pandolfini is a mere 10-minute drive from Florence and pick-up facilities are available from the city. Rooms can be rented out at the villa itself, and visitors can make it their base, not only for the cooking courses but also for sightseeing trips.

The Courses Covered by the Cooking Classes in Tuscany:

Good Tastes of Tuscany offers lessons in Italian cooking round the year, and more classes were added this autumn. The courses are affordably priced, and there is something to suit every requirement, regardless of cooking experience, knowledge of the region or proficiency in the Italian language.

Wild Oats offers a complete range of natural foods and supplements, and features environmentally conscious and cruelty-free body care and household products. It is committed to providing customers with the best of natural foods and health products and imports extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany for its stores.

Good Tastes of Tuscany, which uses only locally available, seasonal and freshly procured ingredients for its cooking courses, was a natural choice for Wild Oats to give its valued employees a rewarding experience. “A highly-enjoyable event that was very helpful for our business and also for our knowledge,” was how one satisfied participant described the trip of a lifetime.


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Renaissance Cooking Courses Offered in Tuscany, Italy

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Renaissance Cooking Courses Offered in Tuscany, Italy

Florence, Italy (PRWEB) December 1, 2007

Good Tastes of Tuscany Cookery School introduces daily and weekly cooking classes specializing in Renaissance Cuisines.

Good Tastes of Tuscany, a cooking school that provides hands-on experience in cooking the traditional Tuscan way in Tuscany, Italy. Good Tastes of Tuscany has added new items to its portfolio. In 2008 the it is offering courses in Renaissance cooking, sharing with you the gastronomical splendors of this fascinating period of Italian history.

The Renaissance is well known for the many frontiers it breached in art & science, but great heights were scaled in the culinary arts which is lesser known, says Massimo Brogi, Media Relations Manager of Good Tastes of Tuscany.

The cuisine of the period was as rich and varied as the art and literature of the time, the menus of the day redolent with spices were replete with succulent meats and decadent desserts. There was great interest in the medicinal properties of food and religion had a strong influence on menus with the Church dictating that certain foods were to be avoided at certain times of the year.    

The cuisine of the rich was vastly different from that of a poor man’s home, until gradually the distinctions became blurred. Today, the Renaissance influence still echoes in many of the Tuscan dishes that has become world-famous, like the Ribollita, Minestrone and Tripe.

During these cookery classes, you will have the opportunity to learn about seasonal and regional factors that had a bearing on the food served at the Renaissance table. Presentation was also of utmost importance in that era – learn how food was served in artistic and innovative ways.

There will be two different formats offered for the courses in Renaissance cooking. While one is a single-day format, the other will be a week-long experience incorporating not only time in the kitchen but also excursions out into the countryside to enjoy some of the villas, gardens and monuments still present from the Medici era. Participants in the Good Tastes of Tuscany cooking courses will learn how to prepare and make a complete meal, from appetizer to dessert and we promise that you will carry a piece of the Golden Age of Italy back home.

The classes are held at Villa Pandolfini, a gracious 13th century estate, just 15 minutes from Florence, Italy. The wine and the extra virgin olive oil used in the cooking classes are sourced from the estate. Pick-up facilities are available for those who make Florence their base, but rooms can also be rented at the villa itself.

Good Tastes of Tuscany Cookery School offers lessons round the year. The classes, which are suitable for both the novice and the experienced, are affordably priced and can also be customized to cater to larger groups.

For more information, please contact Max Brogi at: mbrogi @ connextionsgroup.us or cooking @ tuscany-cooking-class.com

For inquiries in the US:

Good Tastes of Tuscany

2825 East Cottonwood Parkway

Suite 500, Salt Lake City, Utah 84121


Tel 801 6062843

For inquiries in Italy:

Telephone: +39 335 8361633

Fax:(39) 02 95441357


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Beautiful tuscany rentals

Tuscany, and its places at neighborhood are incredible with perfectly preserved hill towns, fabulous art, the most beautiful countryside imaginable, almost tropical coastal areas, great cities  top quality restaurants and food stores, possibly the best cafes in the world, and friendly and beautiful people.

The Tuscany Rentals you find are mostly surrounded by a large level garden that is ideal for children and where there is also a swimming pool. From the house there are lovely views of the surrounding countryside and the property is in a peaceful position and within easy reach. There is a tennis court on the estate and the house has TV, DVD and wi-fi system and pool towels are provided. The maid will be there who takes care of the villa will also do laundry for guests. These maids are an excellent cook, and on request are available to travelers for preparing local dishes. You will find the English speaking staff that is available to give assistance to clients.

The interiors of the Tuscany Rentals are particularly airy and spacious, with doors both to the courtyard and to the garden. The interiors have been furnished very comfortably with all modern amenities, including a relaxing room with Jacuzzi. The particular theme of the furniture of the dining room, with original metal armors and decorations reflects the owner’s passion for the history that adds a special atmosphere to the interiors.

A local woman will be happy to provide exquisite cooking services with Tuscan specialties, that all travelers will greatly enjoy. Guided tours of the estate and the castle, including Tuscan wine tasting, can also be arranged just for you. Many Tuscany Rentals have entrance through a big arcade; they have huge sitting room with arches opening both to the courtyard and the garden. They have large kitchen or dining room; TV room (with satellite TV), twin bedroom; bathroom with shower only; room with bread oven and laundry room. It also consists of master bedroom with en-suite bathroom. The sitting room contains fireplace and piano opening to a patio with table tennis.

The Internet has made it easy and quick to find vacation rentals all over the globe. With availability calendars and online payment systems at our fingertips; it is easy to book a holiday rental home to rent your farmhouse for your best vacations in Tuscany and with deeper internet search , people are finding vacation rentals less costly, roomy, serene, and more accommodating to families, kids, and senior citizens. Going on holidays is a magnificent thing to do, while you take a holiday, you have diverse things to take care about. After choosing your location, the next step is to look is to stay in a comfortable farmhouse, apartment, and villa rentals. Before booking, call out the manager of particular rental and ask about the rent, or any demand you have. Clear your all doubts and then stay in your favorite rental tension free. Wherever you travel in the world, you will never forget the time you spent in Tuscany because of its unconditional beauty and pleasure that will long last in your memory forever and ever.

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Andrea Bocelli “Romanza ” Live on stage in Tuscany

Andrea Bocelli Sings beautifully live on stage in Tuscany, Italy. His angelic voice resonates amazingly across the stage. His voice could play with all emotions of the heart, he can make you cry then make you laugh in moments time. His voice will last for ever with us and are future generations. If you want to see more videos of him visit my channel (AndreaBocelli77)

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Dream Theater – The Count of Tuscany (Part 2) @ Minneapolis 8/21/09

Dream Theater performing “The Count of Tuscany” live at Minneapolis, MN on August 21st, 2009.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Good Tastes of Tuscany, at the “Metro Cooking & Entertainment Show” Washington DC November 2010

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Good Tastes of Tuscany, at the “Metro Cooking & Entertainment Show” Washington DC November 2010

Florence (PRWEB) November 6, 2010

Good Tastes of Tuscany… a “Cooking Class with a difference”, will be showcasing its culinary programs and cooking talents at the Metro Cooking & Entertainment Show to be held at Washington Convention Center, Washington DC , USA from November 13-14th 2010.

There are thousands of cookery treats and giveaways in store for the customers who visit the Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show. They include several hundred exhibitors; live cooking demonstrations, tasting workshops, food and wine pairings, celebrity events, events for kids and various food and wine related seminars. There are general admissions and special ticketed events.

Good Tastes of Tuscany can be found at Stand # 704 where they can provide information on their wine tours, olive oil tours, and most importantly their popular cooking classes that include Single day, Multiple Day and a 7 Day Culinary Adventure. They will be doing “live demonstrations” of fresh pasta making giving you just a ‘taste’ of what they offer in Tuscany during our classes.

Encompassing the old with the new, blending modern cooking technology with ancient culinary wisdom has been the principle on which this cooking school has operated from the kitchens of a wine and olive oil farm called the Villa Pandolfini Estate, located near Florence in Tuscany Italy.

In keeping with the times, the Good Tastes of Tuscany by Connextions Group Inc can be followed on facebook, twitter and their recent technological foray is the free application ‘Tuscan Foods’ which can be downloaded free onto your iPhone.

The Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show is open to the public from 10am to 7pm on Saturday, November 13, 2010 and from 10am to 5 pm on Sunday November 14, 2010.

For additional information

Massimo Brogi

Connextions Group Inc

Suite 500, 2825 East Cottonwood Parkway,

Salt Lake City , UT 84121, USA

Phone: (801) 606 -2843





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The Benefits Of Visiting Rural Tuscany

The majority of people who visit Tuscany see Florence and Pisa as the predominant attractions and fail to recognise that the rural localities of the region as a tourist attraction in their own right. This countryside paradise, full of wonderful farm buildings and beautiful medieval towns and villages should form part of any trip itinerary when in Tuscany; it is simply too good to miss. Most consider this to be the real Tuscany, a landscape of rolling hills interspersed by farm buildings, vineyards and terracotta houses.

Holidays spent travelling round the sumptuous Tuscan countryside are relaxing in extremis; allowing visitors to completely unwind and forget about work and life at home. Visitors may choose to watch the world go by sitting at a local cafe sipping the great wine or coffee, or may wish to sit atop one of the many hillsides purveying the glorious scenery. Holidays in this part of the world are all about relaxation and rejuvenation, winding down to the local way of life and simply, taking it easy.

For the chance to sample the fine cuisine and wines of Italy Tuscany is a must visit destination. The Tuscan cuisine is heavily focussed on meat dishes even though the countryside is predominantly used for arable farming. The dishes include steaks and pork cooked in a traditional way and accompanied by fresh, juicy seasonal vegetables. Locals think of nothing of spending hours at the dinner table conversing and enjoying both each other’s company and the great food; for travellers, doing the same is a vital experience.

Italy is famed for its wine and has been since at least the Roman age. Thankfully Tuscany is exactly the same and is intensely proud of its wine making heritage. The farm complexes and affixed vineyards in most cases are happy to welcome tourists on tasting trips to sample their wares. A large number of wines are produced in the region although the most famous variety is Chianti. Chianti from Tuscany is considered by many to be the perfect tipple to complement the meat dishes and a great way to understand the Tuscan culture.

The rural regions of Tuscany are in most instances, picture perfect. Rolling hills dotted with quaint farm buildings at the centre of richly coloured farmland. The crops gently sway in the wind while the cypress trees that border the fields give a vista that is impossible to find anywhere else in the world. In many cases it is like stepping back in time for tourists to a simpler, less stressful age. The rural localities can be considered perfect for holidays whether travelling as a couple or as a family. The scenery oozes romance while the wide open spaces give children the chance to play to their heart’s content. All this is accompanied by warm Mediterranean sun and glorious blue skies; some may argue that the word paradise simple does not do rural Tuscany justice.

In terms of accommodation there are a variety of choices for holidays. While Florence and Pisa are filled with large hotels, increasingly farm accommodation is becoming popular with tourists as it gives direct access to the marvellous interior. It is not just farm buildings but also castles are being converted into holiday complexes with swimming pools and places to undertake activities such as horse riding and cycling. In most cases these places are run by locals ensuring the warmest of welcomes and service with a personal touch.

The benefits of visiting rural Tuscany are hard to dispute. Tourists are guaranteed to return from their holidays, more relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated having sampled the best that the region has to offer. So for a unique and interesting holiday idea, consider rural Tuscany as the perfect destination.

Travel expert Thomas Pretty looks at the farm holidays Tuscany option for tourists who want the finer things in life.

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Italy Region, Tuscany – “POGGIBONSI” Mug

Italy Region, Tuscany – “POGGIBONSI” Mug

This is a brand new custom made coffee mug imprinted using the latest sublimation technology. This process embeds the image permanently and gives it a smooth surface with a crisp and vivid image. Design is imprinted on a standard 11 oz white mug and it is dishwasher safe.

List Price: $ 10.99


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Rick Steves’ Florence & Tuscany 2010

Rick Steves’ Florence & Tuscany 2010

  • 494 pages
  • Florence: Renaissance walking tour, Accademia tour, Uffizi Gallery tour, Bargello tour, Museum of San Marco tour, Duomo Museum tour, Medici Chapels tour, Medici-Riccardi Palace tour, Santa Maria Novella tour, Santa Croce tour, Oltrarno walk, Brancacci Chapel tour, Pitti Palace tour, Galileo Science Museum tour
  • Siena: Duomo tour, Duomo Museum tour, Civic Museum tour
  • Pisa: Self-guided walk, Tower tour, Duomo tour, Field of Miracles tour
  • Lucca: Rampart bike tour, Roman amphitheater

You can count on Rick Steves to tell you what you really need to know when traveling through Florence and Tuscany.

With the self-guided tours in this book, you’ll discover the geographic heart of Italy. Take the Renaissance Walk and tour the Uffizi Gallery to learn how Florence taught civilized living to the rest of Europe. Wander through the medieval city of Siena and find out what Pisa has to offer beyond the Leaning Tower. Relax in sunny Tuscan hill towns where you’ll enjoy full-bo

List Price: $ 18.95


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